Disney makes awesome movies, and there is no doubt about it. But we cannot also neglect the fact that their movies have ‘the’ most terrifying monsters too. Disney is considered as the most child-friendly entertainment industry, so why on earth do they have to have such terrifying villains and nightmarish scenes? So today we have a list of 10 Most Terrifying Disney Monsters to let you decide if Disney is actually as harmless as it is thought to be? Check out the list below!

10. The Kraken from Pirates of the Caribbean

In Pirates of the Caribbean, Davy Jones has a “pet,” named Kraken which is a giant octopus that will come to aid Davy Jones’ at his signal. This monster has never been fully shown in the films, but only its great tentacles are shown that capture and destroy the ships. But the good news is that Kraken dies in the third film!

The Kraken from Pirates of the Caribbean

9. Giant Ursula from The Little Mermaid

Every child hates this evil monster with tentacles. Ursula is the famous villain who gained the power of the trident. She takes uses the trident’s powers to make Ariel and Prince Eric suffer. She even grows to a giant size, and uses the trident to create lightning bolts and whirlpools!

Giant Ursula from The Little Mermaid

8. Cobra Jafar from Aladdin

Jafar is definitely one crazy and extremely evil villain. He becomes the most powerful sorcerer of the World and then fights Aladdin as a giant cobra. Aladdin did not even stand a chance against Jafar’s powers are a giant cobra, it’s only when he fools him into wishing to become a genie does he actually beats by Jafar.

Cobra Jafar from Aladdin

7. The Nome King from Return to Oz

Return to Oz has many nightmarish things like Wheelers, Mombi and her many heads, the asylum scenes, etc. But the Nome King was the most nightmarish of them all! The list of his evil acts is quite long: he kidnapped the Scarecrow, lapidified the whole Emerald City and turned Dorothy Gale’s friends into lifeless ornaments. This is not all — when does not succeed in his plans he turns into a terrifying one-eyed golem, and even tries to eat all of Dorothy’s friends. Well, now that is evil!

The Nome King

6. Monstro from Pinocchio

Poor Pinocchio has to face a lot of troubles in order to earn his humanity. The final obstacle was the greatest as this one involved a giant whale named Monstro. All the fishes are scared of this giant crazy whale.This whale is so evil that it even gets its own level in Kingdom Hearts. Monstro personally tries to kill Pinocchio, Geppetto and Jiminy Cricket after they have escaped his innards.

Monstro from Pinocchio

5. Jubjub Bird from Alice in Wonderland

Well, the Jabberwock was quite intimidating with his giant wings, lightning breath etc but the Jubjub Bird was a lot more threatening. Jubjub Bird works for the Red Queen and is quite vicious and bloodthirsty. Its job is to capture new victims so that the Red Queen can turn them into her furniture. We don’t actually get to see how it kills its victims, but one thing is for sure — it is ‘very’ vicious.

Jubjub Bird from Alice in Wonderland

4. Dragon Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty

Maleficent is one of the most famous Disney villain who is powerful in her both forms — human and dragon. But she is literally unbeatable in the form of a terrifying black and purple dragon. She fights Prince Philip and the three good fairies relentlessly. She is so strong that it took the three good fairies to enchant Philip’s sword to personally kill the dragon. She has the ability of breathing fire and flying. She is definitely the most dangerous sorceress/dragon ever.

Dragon Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty

3. The Hydra from Hercules

Well, Hydra is a famous creatures in Greek mythology, but children mostly know about it because of Disney’s Hercules. It first appeared as a terrible one-headed reptile which eats Hercules, but then Hercules kills it from inside by slitting its throat. We also see its green blood. But this is not where it ends — this is where is all actually starts as we see the Hydra sprouts a hundred or so new heads! The more heads Hercules chops off the more grow back! But then finally Hercules succeeds in killing that moster by making an entire cliff face to collapse on it.

The Hydra from Hercules

2. The Firebird from Fantasia 2000

As the name suggests, the Firebird is a huge bird made entirely out of fire, lava and burning destruction. The Firebird is found sleeping in the volcano’s crater, but then it suddenly bursts to life and goes after the nature spirit. It makesthe volcano erupt and causes a forest fire. The most terrible scenes of all was the one in which the nature spirit flees up a tree and the Firebird towers over her and all we see is the spirit’s horrified expression of the nature spirit.

The Firebird from Fantasia 2000

1. Chernabog from Fantasia

Chernabog is the ultimate villain. He is meant to be the Devil himself. He has got great wings, horns and eyes made of fire — what more do you want in a villain? He literally oozes evil. He appears in Night on Bald Mountain, and boasts off his evil powers by causing a bunch of ghosts and demons to become alive again, but then kills them just so he can resurrect them again! The theme of this segment is extremely popular and is sometimes even used as background music for media.

Chernabog from Fantasia