Holiday season is here, which means everyone would soon be trying to find the perfect gift for their loved ones. Giving gifts is a great way of loving and sharing. But finding the perfect gifts for designers, artists, and geeks in general is a very tough task, as they are usually very picky when it comes to gifts. They don’t like the things that are uncreative and ordinary, so finding a great inspiring can be very stressful. But you can always please the designers and creative by giving them the latest iPad, smartphone, or Wacom tablet, but if you have a tight budget then you should get something extra creative!

Well, to help you out, today we have a list of 10 Awesome Holiday Gifts For Geeks. They will definitely love all these things. Check out the list and pick the one that you like the best!

1. DIY Mighty Wallet

DIY Mighty Wallet

Wallets have always been a great gift, but this one is with a twist! This DIY Mighty Wallet allows you to draw on your own wallet. Amazing, right? It also looks really sleek, as it is thin, strong and green.

2. Lego Rings

Lego Rings

Know a female web designer? Give her a Lego Ring! They are really geeky-ly cool and fashionable. These are really cute too and would look amazing in a retro geek style. Get it from Skinny Bitch Apparel.

3. Star Wars Plush with Sound

Star Wars Plush with Sound

Extremely cute, galactic and huggable! These cute little Star Wars characters from Think Geek are available in 3 sizes i.e 4-inch, 9-inch and 15-inch. Darth Vader is so adorable. An awesome gift for all the Star Wars fans.

4. Ray Solar Charger

Ray Solar Charger

As the name suggests, this one is a solar power charger. It charges electronic gadgets in the presence of ample amount of sunlight. Really good, handy, small and environmental friendly gift!

5. Star Wars Hans Solo Ice Cube Tray

Star Wars Hans Solo Ice Cube Tray

All the Star Wars fans will love it. It is so geeky and amazing. This ice cubes works well with chocolate too.

6. Geek Statement Socks

Geek Statement Socks

Flaunt your geekiness with these fabulous socks and be proud of it! This one is yet another great product from Think Geek.

7. Brookstone Wireless Key Finder

Brookstone Wireless Key Finder

Know anyone who has the bad habit of losing our keys and then having to spend a lot of time in finding them? If so, then this gift will be perfect for them! It is unique, powerful and useful. It is a Wireless Key Finder which lets you find your keys in an instant! Now say goodbye to losing keys again. It works up to a 60 feet range.

8. Be A HeadCase iPhone Hard Case & Bottle Opener

Be A HeadCase iPhone Hard Case & Bottle Opener

This iPhone case is great for your iPhone as provides protection to it. It boasts an extra-handy beer opening feature too!

9. Nomad Brush

Nomad Brush

This one is for all the people who love to paint. This Nomad brush is made from natural and synthetic fiber that let you to paint on your iPad, just like you do in the real world! It makes digital painting more realistic, as compared to using your finger or a stylus.

10. 8-bit LED Holiday Wreath

8-bit LED Holiday Wreath

Decorate your doorstep with this awesome ‘Mario Brothers style’ geeky holiday wreath!