Animals, whether tamed or wild, sometimes get out of control and can cause a lot of damage. Even the most cute and cuddly looking animal can get wild. Most of the animals do not see humans as prey but if they feel we are in any way a threat to their territory or their young ones, then they will surely take bold steps to protect them. The attacks are not very common but when they do happen they can prove to be fatal. So today we have a list of  Top 10 Animal Attacks Caught on Camera. These are the survival stories from people who have lived to tell the tale. Check them out!

Note: We do NOT in any way advocate animal cruelty.

Polar Bears Attack A Women In Berlin

A 32 year old German woman somehow forced her way into the polar bear enclosure at Berlin Zoo. The polar bears attacked her and severely mauled her. She was saved by the quick thinking of the zoo keepers who distracted the bears to drag her to safety.

Black Marlin Attacks Fisherman In Panama

Stephen Shilter went on a fishing trip with his father and sister. They encountered the fish they were looking for, but that Marlin simply writhed from the depths and speared him in its mouth with its 3 ft bill. Stephen’s throat was scratched and side of his cheek was pierced, but he was lucky enough to survive.

Nurse Shark Attacks Professional Diver In Florida

Dave Marcell, a professional diver who led an exhibition in Key Largo, Florida to see Nurse Sharks in their natural habitat. The gentle and teachable behavior of Nurse Sharks could not be seen anywhere as when Dave went to kiss the Shark, he only received a powerful bite that left his lip in shreds.

Horse Attacks Man In India

The stallion in this video was being treated very badly by the owner in the beginning. But suddenly we see the horse turn wild, as he bit his owner’s neck and kicked him on the floor with his powerful hind legs. After avenging the misconduct, the horse trots off to safety.

Kangaroo Attacks A Trainer In Ohio

Well, the recipients of this attack sort of deserved it. In this video we see the boxing Kangaroo named ‘Killer’ Willard lash out on live TV and gave trainer Tony a powerful kick that sent him flying.

Crocodile Attacks Trainer In Thailand

This crocodile was kept in in captivity in order to entertain crowds. It clamped down its jaws on his trainer’s arm. We see Kahn stick his hand in the crocodile’s mouth as part of his routine. He did this to get the ‘death roll’ performed on him, a technique that animals use to tear limbs from their prey. Kahn was lucky enough to get himself freed from the crocodile’s jaws.

Bull Attacks A Matador In Spain

Matadors are professionals who know how to handle bulls, but accidents do happen. And these accidents can sometimes prove to be fatal. In this video we see the bull’s horn penetrate the matador’s lower jaw, and emerge from his mouth. The Matador was lucky enough to walk away on his feet and was then treated in hospital. His colleagues continued the show and killed the Bull a few minutes later.

Tiger Attacks Man on Elephant In India

In this video we see the strenght of a fully grown Tiger when he attacked a hunter on an elephant in Kaziranga National Park, India. The tiger sprang from the long grassland with its jaws open and paws outstretched. The arm of the hunter was severely injured. The Tiger was shot by a fellow hunter.

Lion Attacks Humans In South Africa

A British journalist named Charles-Starmer-Smith entered a Lion’s enclosure with an expert Lion handler while filming a piece. Well, when you do this kind of thing it is very much possible that the lion will attck you. The lion mauled Charles around but he lived to tell the tale.

Killer Whale Attacks A Woman In San Diego

This one is a very famous attack that occurred in 1971. The secretary for SeaWorld in San Diego, Ann Godsey who requested to ride a Killer Whale for a publicity shot. The killer whale looked quite docile at first but suddenly it turned wild and attacked Ann as she was an unfamiliar passenger. It trashed Ann around the pool with its jaws, and the stopped for a moment and allowed her to grab the side of the trough. A staff member wrenched open the killer Whale’s mouth and Ann luckily survived.