More than 300,000 iPhone apps are available out there, making itunes the biggest mobile app download portal in the whole wide world. It is a little ahead of the of the amazing android market. Well have you ever thought that in this plethora of apps, which ones are the most expensive?
You won’t believe, but some of the apps are even more expensive than the iPhone itself! But they are definitely worth it. So here is a list of Top 10 Most Expensive iPhone Apps. Check them out!

1. BarMax CA By BarMax LLC

Price : $ 999.99

BarMax CA  By BarMax LLC

BarMax is an awesome app that will prove to be extremely helpful for all the law students out there. It provides a complete course for bar exam preparation; along with supplemental material and practice papers. This app was prepared by Harvard lawyers and iPhone Developers together. It is more than a GB in size and it boasts as much material as 50 pounds of books and journals! This really expensive app has only a few reviewers, but it is actually worth it.

2. iVIP Black By iVIP Ltd

Price : $999.9

iVIP Black  By iVIP Ltd

This app is the first ever ‘Millionaire App’ on iTunes store. It is not called so because it is expensive, it is called so because you actually have to prove that you are a High Net Worth Individual (HNWI), and have net assets in excess of 1 million GBP.

There are a lot of benefits of being in this exclusive millionaire club. This awesome app provides you savings and upgrades you get with iVIP partners in the hospitality business, such as Gordon Ramsay Restaurants, Virgin Limited Edition (Necker Island, The Lodge Verbier, etc), Firmdale Hotels, and other premium brands, venues and services around the planet. iVIP cover everything that is a part of luxury lifestyle like butlers, theatres, personal trainers, private jets, a concierge, casinos, personal styling etc. So, if you are a Millionaire, then get this app as soon as possible!

3. iRa Pro By Lextech Labs

Price: $899.99

iRa Pro   By Lextech Labs

This one is one of the best surveillance apps out there. It provides you with a direct access and control to your security cameras. It is an iPhone only app and boasts a really handy interface. Simply swipe motion tilt and pinch to zoom control of unlimited number of security cameras. You can view six thumbnails simultaneously. It has the ability of taking screenshots. It is expensive but very useful!

4. MATG – SAP BusinessOne By MyAccountsToGo

Price : $449.99

MATG – SAP BusinessOne  By MyAccountsToGo

This one is a business oriented app which provides you direct access to your accounting and financial information from the SAP BusinessOne financial management system on your iPhone. This app is for all the sales reps and sales, marketing or finance executives out there are is offers accessing customers, sales order transactions, accounts receivable statements, item master and item warehouse information. The sales transactions have quotations, sales orders, sales invoices, back orders and returns. It integrates awesomely with iPhone’s other features like e-mail and Google maps, so you can communicate efficiently.

5. PDR Quote By Labra PTY LTD.

Price: 349.99

PDR Quote By Labra PTY LTD.

It is a business management app concerning PDR or Auto mobile repairs. It allows creating professional Quotes and invoices directly from your iPhone. It is limited functionality and overly priced app, which in really isn’t worth it. Purchase only if producing mobile invoices of professional quality is what you want the most.

6. MobileCamViewer client By mobiDEOS, Inc.

Price : 349.99

MobileCamViewer client  By mobiDEOS, Inc.

As the name suggests, this one is another surveillance app. Its features are: Multiple user simultaneous access, wide device support and the ability to control many cameras simultaneously. It is a sort of downgraded version of the iRa pro app, so not really highly recommended.

7. Lexicomp By Lexi-Comp

Price : $299.99

Lexicomp  By Lexi-Comp

Now you can get the industry standard and trusted clinical database of Lexi Comp on your iPhone! This Lexi comp suite provides you access to 20+ different databases such as Lexi-Drugs, Lexi-Interact and Lexi-tox. If you want to stay updated with all the latest in Medical research, then it is a must have for you. It is quite expensive, but it can be a life saver. A 30 days full access free trial is also available.

8. TuneLab Piano Tuner By Real-Time Specialties

Price: $299.99

TuneLab Piano Tuner By Real-Time Specialties

This app is only for all the professional Piano players or technicians out there. It is highly customizable and allows creating separate profile for different pianos. But it is quite logical to get a professional tuning equipments than spending your money on this app which can get accidentally deleted on the touch of a button.

9. Lexi Dental Complete By Lexi-Comp

Price: $ 285

Lexi Dental Complete By Lexi-Comp

This is yet another somprehensive clinical app from lexi-comp. It boasts a lot of databases in the Dental field. You you have to pay $285 for one year subscription. The official thumbnail image is not quite impressive though.

10. Proloquo2Go By AssistiveWare

Price: $189.99

Proloquo2Go By AssistiveWare

This is a great app for people with speaking impairments. It is a full-featured augmentative and alternative communication solution. It boasts a lot of great features like natural sounding text-to-speech voices (Presently American, Bristish and Indian English only), high resolution up-to-date symbols, automatic conjugations, a default vocabulary of more than 7000 items, advanced word prediction, full expandability and extreme handiness. It will prove to be really helpful for people who cannot afford to buy an expensive AAC devices. An awesome app which can be life changing people with speaking impairments.