The year 2011 has been a very strange year for many reasons. At one end you have the grace of Prince Williams on the day of his wedding and on the other hand you have disasters like the global recession. From watching Barcelona beat Read Madrid in 4 out of 5 meetings to see Fernando Torres have his worst run ever in his career. 2011, has somehow shown us all, and just when we thought that this year couldn’t get any complex we witnessed the worst collapse of governments in history. The entire foundation of the Arab world has been uprooted as so many governments in Arabic countries have collapsed. In addition to that European Countries have also faced a political turmoil. Here we shall put light on the political rulers who lost their power completely.

10: The Resignation Of Hezbollah and the Collapse of the Lebanese Government:

Hezbollah and his allies, totaling a number of 10 ministers, handed in their resignation and called upon the President to form a new government. With 10 out of the 11 ministers having resigned the Lebanese Government collapsed in a nightfall.

Hezbollah Resigning

The reason for the resignation of Hezbollah was the PM of the country by the name of Hariri. Hariri was meeting with President Obama and according to Hezbollah the US, along with the UN, were going to pin the assassination of Hariri’s father on Hezbollah and his allies and as such have them convicted on the charge of murder. Hezbollah made it clear by his resignation that any attempt to arrest them will result in war.

9: The Flee of Ben Ali and the Fall of the Tunisian Government:

The perfect example of an Iron Fist leader, Ben Ali had reigned over Tunisia for 23 years. A ruthless and corrupt leader, along with the fact that he had pushed the previous leader of Tunisia aside to be the President, and his ability to imprison people who spoke against his rule and his unfairness,  Ben Ali was a dictator in the true sense of the word. After a series of protests and with the massive gathering of Tunisian’s against Ben Ali’s rule, Ben Ali was forced to flee the country.

Protests in Tunisia against Ben Ali

All the anger was initiated by Wiki leaks as they showed Ben Ali had done tons of corruption and had used the country’s money for his own benefits. With all this in hand and cases such as a fruit vendor setting himself on fire because no one would listen to his complains all that was left for Ben Ali was to flee the country and save himself a torturous death.

8: Dismissal of Rifai and the Change of Government in Jordan:

A single spark can ruin an entire building, same was the case with Jordan, with the dismissal of Ben Ali through protests of Tunisian people, the people of Jordan also came out on the streets and demanded a change. King Abdullah II looking at the results of protests in Lebanon and Tunisia made a bold move to Dismiss Prime Minister Rifai and his entire cabinent.

King Abdullah II dismisses Rifai

King Abdullah II appointed a new Prime Minister and told him that Jordan should have a genuine political structure and that the people of the past have only used this opportunity for their own benefits and this should not happen again.

7: Abdul Saleh Overthrown and the Change of the Yemeni Government:

An example of a corrupt Government, Yemen had been transformed into a den of corruption by the President Abdul Saleh. Having ruled Yemen for almost 3 decades, Abdul Saleh appointed a large number of corrupt people at important Governmental posts. After 10 months of rioting and several assassination attempts, Abdul Saleh finally resigned as the President of Yemen.

Protests against Yemeni President Abdul Saleh

After continually playing with the minds of his protesters, Abdul Saleh finally decided to resign and hand over power to his deputy after a rocket attack on the President palace severely injured him.

6: Resignation of Hasni Mubarik and Reforms in The Egyptian Government:

A dictator of the highest order, Hasni Mubarik ruled Egypt for 30 years, by jailing and suppressing anyone who would speak against him whether it be the media or the opposition or even the common public. It started out as a series of minor riots inspired by Tunisia and turned into a massive gathering of almost all Egyptian’s against President Hasni Mubarik and in just 18 days the power of the people forced Hasni Mubarik to resign.


The Joy of Egyptians as Hasni Mubarik resigned

A statement given by a 50 year old said that Hasni Mubarik though that he was a god and that he could imprison and kill anyone he wanted. All it took was 300 lives and 18 days to overthrown the most corrupt and ruthless dictator in the history of Egypt.

5: Resignation of Papandreou and the United Greece Government:

The Global financial crisis has produced catastrophe all over the world. Among the worst affected by the Global financial crisis, Greece has been fighting hard as to avoid collapsing like a house of cards. With tension both externally and internally, the Prime Minister of Greece George Papandreou resigned to help his country re-build itself. This resignation happened after a treaty was signed to have a United Government in order to avoid losing the aid by the European zone.

Greece Prime Minster George Papandreou resigns

Some might call this an act of patriotism but the truth is  that, the Prime Minister was forced to resign.One thing we can say  for sure is that George Papandreou won’t be the man to take Greece out of its financial crisis.

4: Resignation of Berlusconi and the Joy of Italians:

Another country deeply affected by the Global financial crisis, Italy has been facing a very disgraceful time at the hands of its Prime minister.Bothered by its financial condition, the Italian people were infuriated by the continually emerging sex-scandals of its Prime Minister.Famous for his sex-scandals and his corruption allegation, Silvio Berlusconi was “THE MAN” of Italian politics,having dominated it for 17 years.Facing a debt of 1.9 trillion Euros,Berlusconi was forced to resign by the intense amount of pressure which was being mounted on him.


Silvio Berlusconi resigns

Berlusconi’s resignation came out in the same week as the resignation of the Greece Prime Minister,which, was a clear indication of the sign that the new Prime Minister would have to be an Economist to be able to save the country.

3: Resignation of Sheikh Naseer and the Fall of the Kuwait Government:

In what has been a historical year in terms of leaders being overthrown or forced to resign,The Arab countries have clearly stood out and here is another Arab country whose Government has tumbled due to strong protests.The Prime Minister of Kuwait Sheikh Naseer was continually facing allegations of corruptions and a series of strong riots along with a raid into the Parliament House to demand the resignation of the Prime Minister and the wish to overthrow him were more then enough to force Sheikh Naseer to retire.

Sheikh Naseer Resigns

Sheikh Naseer had been the Prime Minister of Kuwait since 2006 and as a result Kuwait had been gripped in a prolonged political struggle against the dominating Al-Sabah family and its 50 members elected parliament.As a result of heated protests,and with the results of protests in Egypt,Yemen and Tunisia in mind,the entire cabinet was also dissolved.

2: The Death of Osama bin Laden and the Extinction of Al-Qaeda:

If your making a list of the most powerful leaders in the world you have to include Osama bin Laden,the man who was the mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks and was the “MOST WANTED” man on this planet.bin Laden hadn’t been active for some time on the international terrorist activity but it was clearly indicated that he was the man controlling all the shots and all the moves which Al-Qaeda was making.Having been killed in Abbottabad,Pakistan,the death of Osama brought a joy to many around the world especially to Americans who started celebrating the death of Osama bin Laden.

Osama bin Laden

With the death of Osama bin Laden, Al-Qaida has almost been elimiated to the verge of extinction.Wherever they go they seemed to get attack by Drones and there has been no sign of recovery for them.All things aside one truly does wonder what will happen to the world if another man like bin Laden is born?

1: The Death of Gaddafi and the Joy of Libyan’s:

Moammar Gaddafi, the man who ruled Libya for 42 years,was killed in 2011 as he was ratted out by his own people which resulted in a devastating civil war.Encouraged by the events that took place in Egypt,Tunisia and Yemen,the people of Libya started protesting against Gaddafi on 10 February ant thus,the 8 month long Civil War started which ended with the death of Gaddafi and the shouts of joy for the Libyan people.How Gaddafi met his end is still a mystery,one thing for sure is that he was killed by 2 bullets.A video was also shown of Gaddafi,blood coming down his face,standing and shouting alongside Gaddafi loyalists before being carried out onto a truck.


Moammar Gaddafi

Off all the riots and protests carried out during the year,Gaddafi was without a doubt the most important of all,after 42 long years Libyan’s are enjoying their freedom to the fullest and none of this could have been possible had the original protests not started at Tunisia.We now look at all this and wonder how 2011 would have ended had the original protest in Tunisia not started?