Counter Strike Global offensiveThe year 2012 is promising to be an amazing year whether it is gadgetry or the automobile industry; everything about the year 2012 looks promising. With all the hype surrounding the year 2012, there is also some good news for Gamers. The developers have announced a series of titles for the year 2012, among which a lot of old titles are returning and the year 2012 in terms of Gamers is going to be amazing. Below are top 10 upcoming PC Games of 2012, Check out :
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10: Twisted Metal:

Twisted Metal

A title which is being revived, Twisted Metal is the game to play to have endless amounts of fun. The car blowing and the exploding gameplay of the Twisted Metal series originally started many years back on the PlayStation. Users raced their way to victory by blowing apart their opponents and dodging cannons and bullets along the way.
The game is back bigger and better than ever with a very unique and interactive multiplayer to follow as well, The game promises to be amongst the most anticipated games of the year for the PS3. A lot of gamers have criticized the Developers for not creating the game for other platforms, but the creator David Jaffe has said that the original game was released on the PlayStation and he will not change the genre of the platform on its revival.

9: Max Payne 3:

 Max Payne 3

A franchise which was originally stared by Remedy, Max Payne 3 has been announced as a new upcoming title by the company Rockstar Games. Rarely has Rockstar ever released a poor game but also seeing the fact as to how they elevated the Red Dead series, we can say, without a doubt this will be amongst the games to watch out for.
The game is set to be released by March 2012, and the plot brings forth a new chapter in the life of the cynical Max Payne. Unlike the last two outings, this one will not take place in New York City, but, rather will take Max to Sao Paolo, Brazil. He is older and more lethal than ever and that only adds to the hype surrounding Max Payne 3.

8: Counter-Strike Global Offensive:

Counter Strike Global offensive
12 Years ago a mod for Half-Life by the name of Counter-strike was released, and after long last anew update for the game will soon be available to the world. Almost every gamer of the last generation has grown up playing Counter-Strike and even today the game continues to be the most played title on the Valve-Steam online engine.
Not losing the original gameplay of the endless war between Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive brings froth new weapons and new ways of killing players in the game. With the attraction of high quality graphics and a newer look to the game, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is definitely the game to watch out for in 2012.

7: Metal Gear Solid Rising:

Metal Gear Rising

Yet, another great title coming out this year is Metal Gear Solid 5 by the name of Metal Gear Rising: Revenge. The multi-million dollar worth franchise has resumed the game plot from the end of Metal Gear Solid 4. Not much has been revealed about the game coming in 2012,but, teaser have shown it to be full of action.
The game focuses around Raiden, A half cyborg killer who obeys the samurai code and kills anything and everything that walks against his path. A very unique thing about the game is the fact that in this game we will also get to experience how Raiden was as a child, when we dwell into the past and experience the childhood of Raiden as a mentally disturbed yet lethal killer.

6: Hitman Absolution:

Hitman Absolution
Coming back into the light, this title has MUST BUY written all over it. It has been some years since the last Hitman was released, but using the modern day technology and mingling action along with stealth has made sure that this game will be amongst the nominees for Game Of the Year.
If there was any doubt about the fact that the revival of Agent 47 in this modern day gameplay would be difficult, then, they have another thing coming. With the different trailers and the lengthy gameplay demonstrated by the developers, there is no doubt that Hitman Absolution will bag a lot of awards at the end of the year.

5: Prototype 2:

Prototype 2

Alex Mercer is the man responsible for the deaths of millions of people in Manhattan, as he released the Prototype virus on the city. Taking place 14 months after the original Prototype, Alex Mercer has been going out a lot into New York City and has been spreading the virus more frequently than ever before. Sergeant James Heller returns to New York to find his family dead and being burnt, blaming Alex Mercer for their death, he joins the Black watch.

Battling the virus he finally gets infected by it and is on the verge of death when he is saved by Alex Mercer, who infects him with a small amount of his black virus. Taking advantage of his new powers Heller decides that it is time not only to stop the virus but also end Alex Mercer. With the developers stating the main plot of the gameplay to be Mercer Vs. Heller, it is THE title to watch out for in the upcoming year.


4: GTA 5:

Grand Theft Auto 5

Among the most exciting news for the year 2012, perhaps the most exciting news has to be the release of Grand Theft Auto 5. Perhaps the most important game series in the history of Rockstar Games, GTA 5 will no doubt be amongst the most amazing games of the year 2012.

Relatively little is known about the new title in the GTA series, but, one thing is for sure the game will be amazing. The most exciting thing about this title is a return back to the fictional world of San Andreas, which has been evolved and changed brilliantly since the last time we visited it. With so much brilliance already brought into the GTA franchise one can only wonder as to the perfection which will be brought by Rockstar into the latest title in the exciting franchise.

3: Mass Effect 3:

Mass Effect 3

From Mass Effect to Mass Effect 2, BioWare has revolutionized the way gamers perceive to play games. The final episode in the epic trilogy, Mass Effect 3 promises to be amongst the most desirable games for the year. Returning into the shoes of Commander Shepherd, this time a call for help has been heard from the Planet Earth.

The story starts with Commander Shepherd facing a trail at Earth, when, a sudden attack ios launched by the Reapers. Realizing his helplessness Shepherd Flees the planet and travels to various alien civilizations to seek help for his beloved planet and launch a counter-attack on the Reapers. With the iconic series finally ending Mass Effect 3 promises to leave the gamers breathless.

2: Star Wars the Old Republic:

Star Wars The Old Republic


Without a doubt the most advertised of all the upcoming games, the story sets 28 years after the treaty established between the Jedi and the Sith Empire. An event almost 3,500 years before the Star Wars Movies, this episode is one to play in order to have a better understanding of the Star Wars series.

The most interesting and perhaps the best thing about Star Wars: The Old Republic has to be the option to play both as the Jedi and the Sith, with both options leading to a completely different story for the success of either the good or the bad. With the co-operation of different companies and the launch of comics for this particular episodes, this Star Wars has launched a hype which perhaps no game has ever created and will be one interesting game to play.

1: Halo 4:

Halo 4

With a new industry having taken control of the Halo franchise a lot of concerns are surrounding this game. But, the more we see and the more we read about this game, the more and more we are eagerly waiting for this game.

The story continues after Halo 3 as Master Chief Returns to confront his own destiny. To face an ancient evil, which threatens the survival of the entire human race. A totally new planet to explore and a series of new challenges awaiting Master Chief this game without a doubt is going to be the most electrifying and the most fascinating game for 2012.