Playing up with some seductive tricks this Valentine’s Day will add spark to your romantic life leaving your man ecstatic forever. Whether it be some sensuous body moves or some teasing words, you need to be tricky to seduce your man on this Valentine’s Day 2012.

Seducing tricks kick from texting your man on Valentine’s Day to ending with him in bed to have an indelible yet most rekindling Valentine’s Day. Try these top ten tricks to seduce your man on Valentine’s Day 2012 and make it a special day for you both.

10. Sending Seductive Texts or MMS

‘See you in moon tonight’ and ‘let’s have a bed fun’ are some seductive texts to drive your man crazy. Click your picture in a semi sheer sexy dress and send him in MMS. Definitely he is going to catch you after getting that.

Sending_Seductive_Texts or MMS

9. Arrange A Dinner Under Stars

Arrange a romantic dinner for your soul mate with some light music under stars. You may choose the deck of your home; the roof terrace or some see shore. Cook some heart delights your own and create a romantic ambiance for you two beginning the dinner with champagne popping.

Arrange_A_Dinner Under_ Stars

8. Kill Him With Your Dress

Wear a feverish hot LBD or LRD leaving hair rolling down your face. Your dress can kill him partially, the remaining you can do by loving him endlessly on night of Valentine’s Day.


7. Be Naughty With Words

Buzzing some naughty words in his ear can capture his thoughts to look at your beauty. It is also the gateway to play other seductive tricks on your man this Valentine’s Day. But wait, what you have to whisper is just to praise him and compliment his dress.

Woman whispering in man's ear

6. Take Him To The Room

Take your love partner to the room walking through flower petals that is the best trick to crave his testes. Arrange a beautiful entrance to your private room.


5. Flirt With Him

Be little bit flirtatious with your man on Valentine’s Day to add some spice to your love relationship. Grab his iPhone or unbutton his shirt…


4. Romantic Couple Dance

Valentine’s Day seems colorless without a romantic couple dance. Hold your partner. Put your hands on his shoulder and place his hand on your torso. You can also burn a CD of his favorite romantic numbers and then can dance on them.

Romantic Couple Dance

3. Perform Striptease

Be artistic with your seductive power. Perform some sexiest striptease before your man on the rhythm of some passionate music. This slow nudity is the one of the best tricks to seduce your man this Valentine’s Day.

Perform Striptease

2. Playful Biting

Have some fanatic but playful biting on chin, ear, and shoulder of your soul mate with a fun hide and seek game. This will rush your man to catch you in bed.

Playful Biting

1. Passionate Lip Lock Session

Souls meet on lovers’ lips. So, have a passionate lip lock session with your man on this Valentine’s Day. Grab him tightly but keep seducing him for the rest of the night.

10 kissing

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.