Shopping for your beloved geek is not an easy task, especially when you are trying to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. They are very picky, you know! Well, put some extra thought on this Valentine’s Day to get the perfect gift for the geek in your life. To help you out, today we have a list of 10 Awesome Valentine’s Day Gifts for Geeks. Geeks would definitely love all these gifts. Check them out and pick the one you like the best!

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1. Internet Chat Pillows

Get your loved one a geeky, full of Internet goodness and soft pillows this Valentine’s Day. They are in three styles, chat heart pink, chat heart red, and a Mac lovin’ logo tribute. An awesome way of expressing your emotions!

Internet Chat Pillows

2. Expensive Perfume

Aside from having it used for Valentine’s, this kind of gift can be used in any occasion at any given time of the year. This kind of gift is not just for the ladies but for the guys also as there are scents created for both genders.


3. Pink and Blue Wii Remotes

These are really cute Wii remotes which your gamer geek would love. They are presently available for pre-order, and will be available in stores on February 14th. They boast Wii Motion Plus. Cute and useful!

3. Pink and Blue Wii Remotes


4. “Tweet Me” Sweetheart Candies

Want to keep it classic this Valentine’s Day with some candies? Then get these “Tweet Me” Sweetheart Candies. Twitter and Sweethearts have joined forces, so this is how we got the: “Tweet Me.” They even have an iPhone app which will send a personalized digital Sweethearts box to your Twitter friend which they can display on their profile.

Tweet Me” Sweetheart Candies


5. Geeky Love T-Shirts

T-shirts are an unbeatable and great gift, which almost always work. So give your loved one a delightfully graphic, geeky, love-themed T-shirts. You can choose the one you like the best!

Geeky Love T-Shirts


6. 8-Bit Necktie

This one is awesome! Every geeky man would totally love it. I mean, come one, an 8-Bit Necktie is impossible to beat. Any longtime gamer would be proud to own it, as in his days they only had 8 bits (or 16), but still gaming was really fun.

6. 8-Bit Necktie

7. Temporary Geek Tattoos

Yes, temporary tattoos. Full of geeky goodness and gaming geekdom! This cute little hardcover book comes with 16 amazing tattoos, and your geek would love every single one of them. A great gift over all.

Temporary Geek Tattoos

8. Photoshop Magnets


These amazing Photoshop magnets are a perfect gift for your beloved design-nerd. They would be thrilled to recreate the Photoshop’s customizable workspace on their fridge. All the layer lists and color palettes are really cute too. If the nerd in your life is a uber graphics nerd, then check out the Illustrator magnet set as well.

Photoshop Magnets

9. Tripletz

Wish mail was fun again? If so, then head over to Tripletz claims to be “making mail fun again.” On the website you can create some artfully old-school correspondence. Make a three-part message on this website by selecting a set of custom designed postcards. Each card would have a word or phrase with an illustration, for example: I, Love, and You.

9. Tripletz

Your loved one would receive one card each day. You can even send it anonymously, but the third card would complete your message and reveal your identity, and add other sentiments you wish to include.

The site has a really handy user interface, which is drag-and-drop, so anyone can use it. You even have the ability of uploading and sharing your own card designs by registering an account.

10. Geeky Dreamboats

Don’t have a geeky Valentine this year? Don’t worry, simply get yourself the book Geeky Dreamboats. It has got full color photos of your favorite actors, along with a detailed profiles, and a puffy cover. This would be enough for you until next year.

10. Geeky Dreamboats

Enjoy your Valentine Day :)


Courtesy: BiggOne