Football is the game which is watched by millions and millions of people throughout the world.The game has engulfed in the hearts of all who watch it and makes them become fans for lifetime.In addition to the massive amount of popularity of football a new trend has also started,the trend of giving a lot of money to footballers.Some 10 odd years ago the pay of footballers was just average but today the world is giving millions of dollars to the elite players of the world.Discussed here are the 10 highest paid footballers in the world:

10. Samuel Eto’o:

The most decorated African player of all time,Samuel Eto’o has won the African player of the year four times.With a move last year to Russian club FC Anzhi Makhachkala,made Eto’o the highest paid footballer of all time.Adding to that the Cameroon international added Ford and Puma to his sponsorship list in the last 12 months,has landed him n the list for the top 10 most paid football players.

Samuel Eto'o

With an estimated net worth of $40 million and the amount of earnings last year totaling to a little above $15 million,Samuel Eto’o is number 10 on the list of the highest paid footballers in the world.

 9. Zlatan Ibrahimovic (TIED 9):

After a disappointing short run with Barcelona,the Swedish international moved to Italian giants,A.C Milan.The move turned out t be highly successful as the world has seen Ibrahimovic return to outstanding form and have admired the hitman like instincts the Swedish has infront of the goal.With Nike Football boot’s making him one of their front men,Ibrahimovic is earning a lot.


Zlatan Ibrahimovic

With an estimated net worth of $60 million and his earnings in the last year amounting to over $17 million,Ibrahimovic is number 9 on our list.

9. Frank Lampard (Tied):

The number 9 spot is shared by both Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Frank Lampard.Frank Lampard earned $11 million last year just through his salary given by his club Chelsea FC.With Lampard having an amazing image not only in England but also through out the world,Lampard continues to cash in deals of various sponsors.Bagging in goals both for his club and country,the Englishman has been earning a lot.

Frank Lampard

With an estimated worth of $40 million and his earning amounting to over $17 million,Lampard shares the number 9 spot with Ibrahimovic on our top 10 list.

7. Wayne Rooney:

The controversial English striker lost his deal with Coca-Cola for swearing on the field,but that still wasn’t enough to take him off the list of the top 10 highest paid footballers.The Manchester United starlet is in red hot form and still has many sponsorship deals.When Rooney can score goals like the over head kick against rivals Manchester City last season,then little doubt remains about the ability of the Englishman.

Over head kick

With an estimated worth of $59 million and his earning accounting to over $20 million in the last calendar year,Wayne Rooney is number 7 on our list.

6. Thierry Henry:

The Frenchman moved from Barcelona to New York Red Bull’s in a gigantic move for the MLS.The player is way above the price cap given to the MLS players and adding to that,the fact that he is still in sponsorship’s with companies like Reebok and Renault just adds to his achievements.After his move to MLS he bought a New York apartment for $14.9 million.

Thierry Henry

With an estimated worth of $60 million and his earnings in the last calendar year accounting to more then $21 million,Henry is number 6 on our list.

5. Ronaldinho:

The Samba star decided to move to Flamengo in his home country and has rejuvenated himself.With his current deal running till 2014 and his extended services towards Nike,the Brazilian has been earning a lot.With his unique dibbling ability and his return to form he has been attracting a lot of attention from various sponsors


With an estimated worth of $90 million and his earnings in the last year being over $24 million,Ronaldinho is number 5 in our list.

4. Ricardo Kaka:

Despite having a very inconsistent year on the pitch the Brazilian Midfielder Kaka is still bringing in lots of cash.Playing for one of the most elite clubs in the world by the name of Real Madrid,Kaka is a superstar whose bank balance is always looking healthy.With deals such as being on the cover of Fifa 11 and being on of the main men of adidas,Kaka has earned a lot of money in the two years.


With an estimated value of $100 million and his earnings in the last year accounting to over $25 million,Kaka is number 4 on our list.

3. Lionel Messi:

Messi was 2009′s highest paid footballer but has now fallen to the third spot.It seems like Messi has been swapping quantity with quality as all his new sponsors are world wide names.Having the title of the World’s best Football Player for the past 2 year,Messi is clearly benefiting from all this.Having an annual wage of $16 million and sponsorship deals with adidas,Konami,PepsiCo,Lay’s,Air Europa and Chery,Messi is bringing in a lot of money.


With an estimated worth of $110 million and his annual earning accounting to $32 million,Messi is number 3 on our list.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo:

The Portuguese playmaker has not only knocked Leo Messi of the top of highly paid football players but also has grow an enormous fan base.With his facebook page having more then 26 million likes,Ronaldo is the most popular player in the world and it is due to this popularity that Ronaldo has attracted brands like Nike,Armani,Coca-Cola and Castrol.With Ronaldo breaking all scroing records last season with Real Madrid there is little doubt that the brand CR will continue to grow.

Cristiano Ronaldo

With an estimated worth of a $160 million and estimated annual earning accounting to $38 million,Cristiano Ronaldo is number 2 on our list.

1. David Beckham:

David Beckham’s return to the top of the world’s highest paid footballer has been a shock for many.Though Becks is now playing in MLS it still by no means is stopping him from earning big, in fact his deal with L.A Galaxy is one of the main reasons he is the world’s most paid footballer right now.His deal with adidas is not only the biggest deal in the footballing world,but it also sees him earn money for every signed boot that the company sells.Adding to that his deal with Samsung,which made him the brand ambassador of the company and also his return to the Pepsi payroll,Becks is the highest paid footballer and number 1 in our list.


With an estimated worth of $219 million and his annual earning accounting to over $40 million,David Beckham is the highest paid footballer in the world.