Who can resist the heavenly flavors of a juicy steak or crispy fried temptations called junk food. Though packed beautifully, the junk food contains no nutritional value and no health benefits. Due to high contents of saturated fats, sugar and salt the junk food is too disastrous for human health as it directly hits the metabolism.

The widely used term ‘junk food’ was introduced by the Michael Jacobson, director of the Center for Science in the Public Interest, in 1972 when he discovered the unhealthy results of junk food. Junk food looks very eye pleasing and overpowers taste buds but always prefer to stay away from it and cut down its consumption sooner.

Let’s explore the top ten Junk foods to avoid and to live a healthy lifestyle.

10. Candies


Incorporating colorful candies in your diet can be so harmful due to its high sucrose value. Lollipop, gummi bear, candy sticks, toffees, candy buttons and jelly are some of its kinds that are obviously the junk food in all their manifestations causing increase sugar level in human beings.

9. Breakfast Cereals


Get rid of breakfast cereals to have a good day start. The cereals like oatmeal, porridge, and froot loops are prepared with large amount of sugar and have adverse health effects. Breakfast cereals are ranked at number 9 in top ten junk foods to avoid ever list.

8. Donuts


Donuts are one of the most loved junk foods worldwide. A small donut contains about 19 grams of sugar, 340 calories and 19 grams of fat that ends up making the consumer obese.

7. Fried Snacks

fried snacks-07

These ready to eat junk food is too simpler and needs no much effort to put in mouth. Salty snacks such as potato chips, popcorns, chocolate cookies, crackers and tortilla should be avoided to stay healthy.

6. French Fries

french fries-06

French fries are deep fried in oil that adds carcinogen acrylamide into potatoes and have a higher value of carbohydrate as well. Better you go for some healthy food than devouring junk food like French fries.

5. Carbonated Soda

carbonated drink-05

Pops and diet pops, either alcoholic or non-alcoholic are nothing but the artificially flavored drinks. They include harmful chemicals and also the aspartame. A 20 oz of carbonated soda is actually a shot of 220 calories at once. Try to avoid this worst ever junk food to lead a health problems free life.

4. Ice-Cream


Everyone has the crave for yummylicious ice-creams but only one serving of it is filled with about 310 calories and about 20 grams of fat. It can also increase the possibility of asthma attack for cold sensitive people and falls at 4th position amongst the top ten junk foods to avoid ever.

3. Cake


Desserts and cakes are hard to avoid due to the delicious feasting factor. No one can take his hands off from a piece of mouth tickling chocolate or cheese cake or some brownies. But eating too much confectionary is an open invitation to worst diseases for being rich in calories and thus falls in the list of top junk foods in the world.

2. Pizza


Pizzas are loaded with tons of calories and fat due to cheese and flour. It contains sodium and carbohydrates. Three slices of pizza have 2,500 calories of energy that is more than enough. Limit your pizza desire to only one piece.

1. Burger


Burger is the worst form of junk food for being made up of deep fried patties, cheese, and mayonnaise. A single burger serves about 1,360 calories that is equal to half of the calories needed in a day. Burger is the widely eaten fast food that also stands as the top junk food to avoid ever for a healthy life.