Bulging out with most hilarious ride and bursting in endless laughter becomes obvious with funny faces of Mr. Bean only. Mr. Bean, the highly popular British television programme series of 14 half-hour episodes is the best example of physical and visual comedy.

The title character of the series as Mr. Bean is written and starred by Rowan Atkinson who has played a buffoon, showing his excellent comedy skills. In the series, He represents “a child in a grown man’s body” who resolves his daily tasks in a humorous way leaving the viewers amused.

The success of Mr. Bean series led to the Mr. Bean movie adaptations ‘Bean’ and the ‘Mr. Bean’s Holiday’ starring Rowan Atkinson as the leading comedian again.

Have a look at the 10 funny faces of Mr. Bean, I am sure you can’t live without admiring this man and rolling with laughter.

10. Mr. Bean in Twilight

Mr. Bean in Twilight-10

Mr. Bean is trying to steal the heart of Edward by trying some Bella looks. It has made Mr. Bean looking funny and more romantic.

9. Mr. Bean as Justin Bieber

Mr. Bean as Justin Bieber-09

Trying to be a teen pop singer as Justin Bieber, is beautifully portrayed with this funny face of Mr. Bean. No worries Mr. Bean …you look even cuter then the pop star.

8. Mr. Bean as crying kid

Mr. Bean as crying kid-08

Being a crying kid is quite funny for Mr. Bean, and that besides the superstar Angelina Jolie. Have a look at the arms of the actress, you will find an innocent baby…

7. Mr. Bean as Pop

Mr. Bean as Pop-07

One of the ten faces of Mr. Bean is his pop getup. Removing his conventional brown coat, the pristine white dress really makes Mr. Bean more than to be laughed. Enjoy the photo.

6. Mr. Bean as sexy fashion model

Mr. Bean as sexy fashion model-06

Oh this too!! Yes Mr. Bean is in bikni to try out his feminine sexiness. This could be some smart photo editing tech. whatever, you just have to watch the picture.

5. Mr. Bean as Johnny Depp in Pirates of The Caribbean

Mr. Bean as Johnny Depp in Pirates of The Caribbean-05

Catch the beautiful Captain Jack Sparrow by Mr. Bean. His smiling face is yet more pretty than the real star.

4. Mr. Bean as Lara Croft of Tomb Raider

Mr. Bean as Lara Croft of Tomb Raider-04

Mr. Bean has tried out the Lara Croft smartness played in Tomb Raider. I love this Mr. Bean like Lara Croft.

3. Mr. Bean as the cute Harry Potter

Mr. Bean as the cute Harry Potter-03

Children love him truly then how Mr. Bean should not don the cute Harry Potter. Find this mind blowing Harry Potter in Mr. Bean avatar.

2. Mr. Bean as loving Shrek

Mr. Bean as loving Shrek-02

Though showing an ogre, but Mr. Bean is too commendable as Shrek. The amusing face mocking makes the Shrek loveable by Mr. Bean.

1. Mr. Bean as Avatar

Mr. Bean as Avatar-01

The fabulous manifestation of Avatar makes Mr. Bean more hilarious. He is really very enchanting in this blue photography. Let’s have a look at the Mr. Bean as Avatar.