The feeling of love is so deep and extreme that one forgets the world while holding beloved in arms. This time round is the perfect span to free away from the burden of life and to enjoy some real good time together with your partner. There are exciting locations in the world to radiate romance and passion in the air. This archetypal image of various cities has been catered to encourage tourism by creating a perfect “couple-love” or honeymoon environment. Then waiting for what? Just plan a trip to your favorite lover spot with your soul mate to come closer to you.

10. Barcelona, Spain

barcelona -Spain-Honeymoon-cities

Second largest city of Spain, Barcelona, is full of cultural and historical significance. It is the hottest spot for any couple willing to have a loving experience of a Mediterranean vacation, as it offers few best beaches on the continent with all of the comforts of the city. Don’t miss to enjoy the tasteful food, inspiring music, and great couple dancing that the Catalonian region has to offer!

9. Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Since nineteenth century, this romantic spot is popular for leisure activities. The historical share of this corner of the world is the “Napoleon Museum”. It’s the perfect destination for the lovers interested in having thrilled adventurous time through sports tournament, cars racing or casino gambling. Romance done there can be best explained in the “James Bond” sense of the word.

8. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is a city of artists and writers and has its popularity for picturesque stony streets, fine restaurants and art exhibits. A bit away from the city stunning and attractively romantic natural landscape of Portugal makes the adventurous lovers explore each other’s love.

7. London, England

London England

Out of all Europe, London is one of the finest liveliest metropolitan areas. The best thing about it is that it is located within reach of fresh green lush grassy countryside. Quaint taverns, famous nightclubs, great rest houses, comforting bed and adorable breakfast establishments are all available to suit the mood of any honeymoon to enjoy being together.

6. Prague, Czech

prague Crech

Amazingly attractive architectures and romantic locations make the lovebirds to have a feeling of being in a fairy tale. This city is famous for its stunningly creatively made castles. Franz Kafka, the famous author spent much of his lifetime here and several museums and public monuments are dedicated to his honor.

5. Vienna, Austria

venice , Austria

Traditions and customs of Vienna are its pride. Wines in taverns can still be drunk in the same way as it was a century ago. Lovers can have fun with the partner in a two-horse carriage being driven in a traditional way by a coachman. Vienna’s full of custom and rich in musical and artistic heritage. Schoenbrunn Palace, St Stephen’s Cathedral, the Prater, Museum of Fine Arts, The Hofburg Imperial Palace, Belvedere Palace, Sigmund Freud Museum are some of the finest attractions of Vienna. Love partners can enjoy the best part of their time in impressive gardens and palaces.

4. Rome, Italy

rome, Italy

The romantic popularity of Rome can be judged in this simple phrase “You have never lived until you’ve loved in Rome”. The profound history and artistic art of this legendary city makes it a place for lovebirds to enjoy. Stone fountains and splendid sculptures create a romantic atmosphere in the streets of Rome.

3. Paris, France

Honeymoon Paris cities

No doubt, Paris is recognized as “City of Love”. Each year millions of lovebirds come and celebrate their love by enjoying the wonderful view of Eiffel Tower and drinking in the artistic environment of the Left Bank, flocking round the spectacular scenery, have time together in the restaurants and find the glamorous fashion boutiques. Paris is indeed a land for lovers.

2. Porto Alegre, Brazil

porto alegre1

Rio Grande do Sul is a state of southern Brazil-there runs The Guaíba River. It is a waterway having popularity for its attractive reflection while the sun is setting. The beautiful sunset makes the view charming by spreading the drowning sun rays all round the sky. It is popular for its romantic reflection of sunset.

1. Venice, Italy

Italian Romance – Venice Honeymoon

Venice-since long it has been recognized as the “Floating City”. It has got the extreme attraction for the love birds. It is the centre of interest for the couples who want to float in the mystical world of love on a boat down a canal, having majestically charming buildings around. The only way to feel that Float is to experience it!