It’s odd that a top-ten list–or more precisely, a bottom-ten list–leads to philosophical questions. But that’s exactly what happened when my editor asked me to write about the worst video games ever. As I started to imagine about mainly awful games  so, I realized that each one was bad for an entirely different set of reasons.

Games are a means of having fun and enjoying one’s life. Just like other things there are good and bad games. Some games thrill us and leave us breathless while other games just simply leave us tortured. Mentioned here are the 10 worst games ever created.

10. Skate or Die:

First Game, that comes on my mind, No doubt the crappiest game I have ever played. The name says Skate or Die but if you play the game all you do is jump around the same one or two ramps over and over again.

Skate or Die

It has no blood, no violence and no chance of dying at all. I would prefer to die then play this game ever again in my life.

9. Revolution X:

So this is perhaps the lamest game ever created. You’re Aerosmith and your job is to fight an army which the government has sent to keep you from Rock and Rolling. The army is made of guys wearing yellow jackets and trying to kill you. The worst part is that through your music you are blowing them up  and no matter how many bullets they fire at your crotch your music doesn’t get affected at all.

Revolution X


Now I am not being unmanly but if I got hit in the crotch with a bullet at least I’d fall down and scream like a bitch.

8. White Men can’t Jump:

This game is based on a movie by the same title which was based on the high stakes of street basketball gambling, so when the game came out, I naturally felt that I would have to work my way to the top. But the game turned out to be a bitter disappointment and is probably the worst sports game ever created.

Whit Men can't Jump

Add to that the fact that when you took a shoot some utterly stupid slogans came on the screen.

7. The Three Stooges:

A game that made me doubt the reason for my existence, the Three Stooges is amongst the shittiest games you will ever play. If there was ever a time to throw away your old console then I suggest you throw them away before playing this game because this is without a doubt a game that will torture you to death.


The Three Stooges

With absolutely no story at all, this game is arguably amongst the worst game of all time.

6. Superman 64:

Arguably the worst Superman game of all time, the game should be called the obedient dog or my bitch because the only thing Superman does in this game is take orders like a bitch from Lex Luger. The game starts with you caught in Lex Lugers virtual world and you have to complete missions on what Lex says or else you die.


Superman 64

Who knows if you play the game you might even get a mission to fetch Lex’s slippers or clean his toilet.

5. Virtuoso:

So this game is the next level when it comes to torturing the gamers to death. The plot is that you’re the greatest Rock and Roll megastar of the 21st century and you decide to escape the life of fame and go into a virtual world where all you do is kill the same one or two creature over and over again.


No matter how many creatures you kill each an every single one of them is exactly identical even the bosses are exactly the same.

4. Captain Novolin:

Another game designed solely to piss you off, Captain Novolin is the game to play if you want to have the shittiest life in the whole world. The plot of the game is that Aliens have invaded the Earth and taken the form of sugary things like donuts and are haunting diabetic patients.

Captain Novolin

The only move Captain Novolin does is jump and the control over the jump is so bad that even a drunk guy would jump like any other player.

3. Fight for Life:

They say that Great Minds think alike and quite frankly that was not the case here. The game is based on 8 dead people who are fighting each other to fight the son of the devil and live once again. Someone forgot to told the developer that the fights are supposed to be held in hell and not in the tropical jungles of Manhattan it’s like


Fight for Life

Satan is hosting the tournament and saying that you have to fight each other to free your souls and at the same time you can enjoy the beauty of the Amazon.

2. Shaq Fu:

You are Shaq and you have somehow ended up in Tokyo, where you are discovered by a karate master who says that you have been sent from a distant planet to save the Earth. Without a doubt the worst two player fighting game ever created,your enemies can do all sorts of shit they can even throw planets at you and all you can do is a high kick and a low kick.

Shaq Fu

With a name like Shaq Fu what else could one expect of a game.


Arguably the shittiest game ever created. E.T was the sole reason for the destruction of Atari 2600. The concept of the game is to find pieces of your ship. The whole games Is based on the fact that your E.T and your trying to run away from scientists and discover pieces of your ship as well. You go into pits to find your pieces and in 97% of the pits you don’t find anything, then the worst part is trying to get out of the pit.


I have personally never gotten out of even the first pit.