Valentine’s Day is symbolized for being a day in which you make that special someone more special by expressing your love for them with gifts. If you are really in love , then, frankly the gifts really don’t matter however, if you don’t give them a gift then, you are most definitely screwed. A good gift can really intensify the feelings felt for the other person. Given here are the 10 worst gifts you can give on Valentine’s Day:

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10. Power Tools:

No matter what you do, DON’T GIVE THEM POWER TOOLS .This is not an occasion to gift someone an chainsaw or a hammer drill, though they might be really helpful. Valentine’s Day is all about expressing your love and making them realize that you would do anything and everything for them.


So, unless you want to end up living alone forever, don’t ever give that special someone power tools.

9. Best Friend’s Gifts:

Ok so even though it might seem like a really nice idea to give away best friend necklaces or best friend shirts and all, but, giving a best friend gift on Valentine’s Day is like swimming with the sharks. Your lover can be your best friend but, guys this is Valentine’s Day and NOT friendship day, get it.

Best friend necklace

So do yourself a favor and save yourself from the wrath of your loved one.

8. Homemade Valentine gifts:

Unless your girlfriend recently came from Haiti or Congo, she really doesn’t need a homemade Valentine gift. I mean of course if you want to hear about what a cheap bustard you really are, for the rest of your life, then most definitely give away homemade gifts but apart from that, not so much.

Homemade Valentine's Day card

Steal if you have to but don’t ever think about giving a homemade Valentine’s Day gift because sadly everything in this modernized culture of ours is measured in terms of money.

7. Stuffed Animals:

Unless you are dating a 12 year old, giving stuffed animals as a gift is just as dumb as it can get. Your loved one needs to feel special, they need to know about your passion and your love for them yet, giving away stuffed animals is like saying, “hey I want to break up with you”.

Stuffed Animals


Once you are through your teens, you really need to raise the bar for the gift you give to your loved one, so unless you want to look like a sore loser, gifting stuffed animals is a really bad idea.

6. Anything with Heart’s:

Alright now just by reading this, a lot of you would be saying,” what the hell is wrong with this person, no hearts on Valentine’s day, is he retarded”. Though it may sound like I am stupid but trust me it’s for your own best If you don’t give away anything with hearts on it. A person should always think out of the box, people have gifted each other things such as shirts, mugs and even door mats with heart’s on them.


Valentine's Mug

Guys stop being so cliché and think out of the box be unique and give them something that will leave them breathless.

5. Take them to the Cinema:

Spending time with one another on Valentine’s Day does seem a really good idea and there are various ways of doing it to, but, the one way you don’t want to spend it is by taking them to watch a movie. Sure, fairy tales tell us all the time about happy endings, but what we should see is that boy like action and girl likes romance, where is the happy ending?

Fighting Couple

So unless you want to end up arguing with each other or having a fight on Valentine’s day, this is not a good gift.

4. Anything Sex Related:

Sex is a basic need for couples and in fact the most enjoyable one, but getting them vibrators, cuffs, blindfolds or even dildo’s on Valentine’s Day is perhaps the most stupid decision you’ll ever make in your life. Spicing up one’s sex life is a good thing, but going to your loved one on Valentine’s day and saying, “hey baby, listen can you please wear these cuffs, I have this obsession with vibrators, thanks”.



As you can imagine, this is a recipe for disaster. The desire to experiment with your sexual life should come naturally on any other day and NOT on Valentine’s day.

3. Self-Help books:

Valentine’s day is all about having fun and showing how much you love the other person, so if you’re gifting someone “Relationship tips for Dummies” or any other book such as “How to improve oneself” then, probably you are not a match made in heaven and unless you want


Self-Help books

to end up alone on Valentine’s day, then, don’t even think about bringing the other person’s flaws or trying to make them a better person on Valentine’s day.

2. Cheap Jewellery:

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and all that shines isn’t gold. If your loved one is into bling bling and all the shine, then, you can clearly be a top winner by gifting her diamonds, gold, silver and even platinum. However, if you decide to be a cheap bastard and give them artificial or really cheap jewellery, then the only warmth you will feel on Valentine’s day would probably be the fire in our fireplace.

Artificial Jewellery

So guys, don’t ruin your relationship and stop being cheap.

1. Nothing:

Ok so even though you don’t want a gift from all the possible options stated above, but, something even worse than that is getting absolutely nothing. Even though your partner might hate Valentine’s Day but, still something is always better than nothing.


Even going out to the streets and having an Anti-Valentine’s day is better than not having a Valentine’s Day at all.