2011 brought with it many flavors for tech-geeks around the world. Motorola Atrix 4G with its full-fledged laptop CPU, Apple ipad 2 with its smartness and a dual core A5 chip, Amazon kindle and its reasonable price in addition to many such gadgets became the talk of 2011.

2012 is seen as a year of revolution in terms of gadgets. With the scrumptious iphone 5 nearly on the loose, a lot of anticipation is seen among the techies.

Have a look at what the world is waiting for this year. A list of the top 10 most anticipated gadgets of 2012 is compiled below.

10. Apple HDTV:

Apple HDTV


The latest scoop from Best Buy surveyors reveals Apple HDTV as an iOS operated, supporting iCloud, controllable from iphone or ipad type of thing. The TV is rumored to be 42-inch and would be sold for $1,499.

9. Canon EOS 5D Mark III:

Canon EOS 5D mark III

A new full-frame DSLR is expected to come out in Feb 2012. The camera is going to be released after 2 years, the previous version being Canon 5D Mark II. The new Canon probably will allow clips of different lengths to be combined in addition to an extension in the level of in-camera editing of the clips to enable their order rearranged etc

8. Sony PlayStation 4:

playstation 4

With 51 million units of Play Station 3 sold last year, Sony is certainly looking for an upgrade. The world eagerly awaits for the next generation playstation 4 which is expected to constitute high tech gaming features with dual shock controllers and 3D experience.

7. Amazon rekindle:

amazon kindle

One of the bestselling consumer electronic devices, amazon is set to give a face lift to its consumers with its new Amazon rekindle. It is expected to be released in 2012, but it looks like they are not done yet and in fact are only just starting. According to an analyst the company could target the academic text and business books market and go for a larger screen device or just create a smaller, sleeker second-generation version of its current model.

6. Ultrabooks:

ultrabook intel

The common thin and sleek laptops of intel, the ultrabooks continues to pose threats to Apple’s Macbook Air. According to analysts at IHS ultrabooks will make up 12% of the laptop market this year, and that by 2015, the number will grow to 40%. Whereas according to Brian Marshall, senior managing director at International Strategy & Investment Group, Apple will sell 8.4 million MacBook Air notebooks in 2012 and 10.4 million in 2013.

5. Samsung Galaxy SIII:

Samsung Galaxy SIII


With a 7MM waist line, dual camera and software of android, Samsung Galaxy III is expected to make a delicious ice-cream sandwich for its awaiters. Samsung is optimistic that it would sell around 30 million units of Galaxy III this year.

4. Nintendo wii U:



An expected breakthrough hit with a touch enabled screen, Nintendo wii u is offering a new world of play styles and gaming possibilities thereby certainly making it one of the most anticipated devices of 2012.

3. Xbox 720:



It has been rumored that in 2012 we are going to see xbox 720 on the face of earth. However according to many analysts it cannot come out before 2015. Microsoft marketing director Cedrick Delma said that Microsoft will not launch the xbox this year. Nevertheless, Xbox 720 remains one of the highly anticipated gadgets of 2012.

2. iPad 3:

ipad 3


Japanese website Macotakara’s new report claims that ipad 3’s proclamation will be made in early February this year. Apple will release its ipad 3 on 24th Feb to mark Steve Jobs birthday anniversary says Focus Taiwan.

The new ipad 3 is expected to have an A6 processor, an iOS5, 3D feature and New retina display, cloud computing and much more.

1. iPhone 5:



It’s release was expected in an array of rumors in October 2011. When  instead of iphone 5, iphone 4s was released, it disappointed many. 2012 is considered the iPhone 5’s time. It has already captured attention of its fans. With its sleek look, 3D imaging and aluminum back, it stands as one of the highly anticipated gadgets of 2012.