For killing fats out of the body, people starve their nutrition. It spuriously affects the harmony of the body and of course it’s not a healthy and wise way to reduce fats. The right way is to eat that food which reduces the possibility of fat deposition or the food which helps in burning fats. With this calorie burning exercises should be done to cut down the already stored fats. So here’s a list of top Ten foods that helps in burning the fats.

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Top Ten Low-Carb Foods

10. Brown Rice

Brown Rice

When you start eating brown, you will never start white again. It is rich in fibrous substance. Brown rice texture with their nutty taste goes deliciously with your meats like lean chicken and vegetables. Be sure in taking plenty of water when you are having fibre in your diet like brown rice.

9. Almonds and Walnuts


Almonds and walnuts are excellent snack which makes you feel satiated only by having a fistful of these nuts. They provide healthy fats to the human body. People who do not consume and use healthy fats are more likely to be seen to gain weight. That’s why healthy fats should not be eliminated from your diet if you want to reduce fats. Remember that for harmonious body functioning there should be intake of healthy fats as most of the cell structure of human body is made up of these fats.

8. Berries


Berries are rich in nutrients including antioxidants. Their freshness is locked up when you buy them frozen. They can be preserved for some time and used in several ways. In summer, a few berries in your mouth give a lasting tastier freshness. You can add them in your oatmeal, low fat ice cream, cereal, or yoghurt.

7. Oranges


Oranges are not only rich in Fibre, but with this they have high vitamin C contents which are conducive to fat burning. Vitamin C accelerates the Carnitine production in the body which in turn oxidizes the fatty acids (breaks them down and kills fat). It is preferable to eat fresh oranges rather than having it in a supplementary form. The fruit is a rich source of fibre and gives a pleasantly satisfying end to meals.

6. Lentils


Lentils are known as edible pulses, and are rich in terms of minerals and plant proteins that are amino acids. They are low on calories. In countries like India, it’s conventional to have lentil soups, gravies and broth with rice and breads (that are wheat rotis). A variety of food items can be made by using flour of ground lentils. They are best source of dietary fiber and are well known to lower bad-cholesterol and this way it contributes to heart health.

5. Salmon


Fish is an enriched source of proteins and healthy fats (that is rich in omega-3, omega-6 fatty acids), and it is best for a great lunch or in a dinner meal. Salmon, trout, mackerel and tuna are not only tasty to eat but are good sources of omega-3 fatty acids. They are also low on calories and saturated fats. You can have it for filling your harmonious body protein contents as well as diet.

4. Eggs


An average adult can have one or two eggs in a day (whole eggs with yolk) and obtain essential minerals and proteins from it by keeping a low calorie profile. Eggs are neither high on calories nor low on unhealthy fats. Eggs are used in different food preparations which make them ideal as regular meal foods. In many studies it has been found that egg doesn’t increase bad blood cholesterol if it is taken in a moderate manner.

3. Yoghurt


Rich in proteins, yoghurt plays a great role in being a part of breakfast and a tasty snack. Having low fat yoghurt, you can get your daily dose of dairy products. It can be transformed to mouth watering meal by adding fruits or cereals to it. Low fat yoghurt is a great way to get your daily dose of dairy and can be transformed into a delicious meal with the addition of fruits or cereal.

2. Broccoli


Taking green flavored broccoli, you can add up a low calorie diet to our routine. It is a zero fat vegetable which can accompany any meal. Broccoli boasts up a great deal of fibre in daily diet. It is an excellent accompaniment in almost all meals and filling to your appetite.

1. Green tea

green tea

Make it your habit to take green tea to quench your thirst, satisfying your minimum daily intake of fluid while at the same time it burns those calories. Green tea contains the antioxidant named EGCG which helps in burning the calories all day long. Moreover, it will be a benefit to take green tea as it will replace those drinks which are laden with sugars. It has got other benefits like it has cholesterol maintenance properties and is anti-cancer.