To revolutionize world only a revolutionary vision is needed that makes the ordinary, an extraordinary or what is known to be the most influencing act by the most influential people.

Time 100 is an annual list that selects such influential people every year and then puts them in Time 100 most influential people list based on the ideas they infuse into the humanity. Here you will get top ten most influential people of 2011 who have worked their best to bring peace and development internationally.

10. Ron Bruder - an advocate

Ron Bruder -10

The founder of the Education for Employment Foundation (EFE), Ron Bruder is a Jewish-American entrepreneur and advocate. He is listed the 10th most influential person of year 2011 due to his hard work for practical education programs worldwide.

He is an expert real estate developer but now endeavoring to raise employment in various countries.

9. Julian Assange – founder of WikiLeaks

Julian Assange the editor in chief and founder of WikiLeaks is ranked at number 9 in most influential people of 2011 list. He always speaks about freedom of the press, investigative journalism and censorship.

His website, WikiLeaks works as a channel to the worldwide news leaks and publishes information in order to bring open governance.

8. Angela Merkel – political consensus

builder Being the first female Chancellor of the major continental European power Germany and also the second woman to be in G8, Angela Merkel is the 8th influential person of 2011 in the world. Her empowering style for Germany’s search for consensus made her an influential political leader.

She is also the Chairwoman of the Christian Democratic Union.

7. Peter Vesterbacka – game developer

Peter Vesterbacka and his company Rovio Mobile developed the puzzle video game Angry Birds and thus entered in top ten most influential people of 2011 standing at 7th position. Since the development of the Angry Birds, over 12 million copies of it have been purchased from Apple’s App Store (too influential).

6. Mark Zuckerberg – facebook founder

For co-creating one of the major social networking site Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg got enlisted in Time 100 list of most influential people of 2011. He was also named Person of the Year in 2010 for this biggest achievement.

Mark Zuckerberg is the chief executive of Facebook that was first co-founded as a private company in 2004.

5. Geoffrey Canada – an educator

Geoffrey Canada is indulged in extensive work for Harlem Children’s Zone Project and is a member of the Board of Directors of the After-School Corporation. According to him all children must get equal opportunities to be equipped with education.

He is an African American social activist and educator who started the HCZ Project 14 years ago with one-block pilot program that today covers 100 city blocks and serves 8,000 kids.

4. Amy Poehler – actress and comedian

The 40 years old hilarious actress Amy Poehler definitely makes it to be in the top ten most influential people of 2011 list. He is a timeless performer, writer, producer and comedian currently appearing as the lead of NBC’s comedy Parks and Recreation.

Amy Poehler has also worked on television entertainment show Saturday Night Live from 2001-2008.

3. Reed Hastings- an entrepreneur

Reed Hastings is the third most influential person of 2011 for his innovative Netflix entertainment distribution. He revived the oldest methods of delivery, the U.S. mail through Netflix that now reaches to TV, computer, iPad or almost everywhere.

He is the CEO of Netflix, Facebook, boards of Microsoft and numerous non-profit organizations.

2. Joseph Stiglitz – great economist

The former Senior Vice President and Chief Economist of the World Bank, Joseph Eugene Stiglitz is known for his exceptional and dedicated work for peace and prosperity. He had been serving the President Bill Clinton’s Council of Economic Advisers till 1997 and received a Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences in 2001.

He came to prominence for his critical perception for free-market economists and management of globalization.

1. Wael Ghonim-the revolutionary spokesman of Egypt

Wael Ghonim is ranked the top influential person of 2011 in Time 100 list for electrifying the pro-democracy demonstrations in Egypt. He is an Egyptian internet activist and a skilled computer engineer, rising to fame by using social media as most powerful communication tool. His facebook page, “We are all Khaled Saeed”, sparked the peaceful revolution in Egypt.