There are many ways of killing time these days, but the best way is by spending time in social networking. Facebook is one of the most famous social  networking websites, these days. Apart from the temptation to stay in touch with your loved ones worldwide, Facebook is addictive in many other ways as well. The most trending among them are the popular Facebook games. Based on user ratings, we have prepared a list of the most popular and most played games of 2011-12, for you guys. Continue reading after the break.

10. Mafia Wars 2:

10. Mafia Wars 2

With blasting social features and great production values, Zynga has promised a very rewarding gameplay in Mafia Wars 2. The game has some minor issues with the game such that the energy drains out very quickly in the very start of your career. Collectively, it is a good game that can entertain you in your idle times.

9. Bingo Blitz:

9. Bingo Blitz

This game gives you a chance yo compete against a large number of opponents. Moreover, you can chat with other players and discuss strategies with other players. The only bad thing we found was the slow regeneration of credits that is later used to buy cards.

8. Words With Friends:

8. Words With Friends

This amazing game by Zynga was first released back in 2009. It is has been designed on the concept of a scrabble game and is a very good game for knowledge building.

7. PixelJunk Monsters:

7. PixelJunk Monsters

This tower defence game was first launched for PS3 and was later introduced on Facebook as well. In this game, you have to build towers on the top of the trees to protect some small creatures and you have control of an actual character throughout you gameplay.

6. CityVille:

6. CityVille

CityVille is one other awesome game by Zynga that is a good 3D experience. With clear, interesting and easily understanble goals, its visauls are something bonus that tempt you to play this game for a considerably longer amount of time.

5. Empires & Allies:

5. Empires & Allies

This one is basically another CityVille or you can say that it’s an ‘action-packed’ version of CityVille. According to the critics, the only negative point of this game is that it looks too similar to CityVille, at some points. It is like you have to reconstruct a city when things are not really well.

4. The Sims Social:

4. The Sims Social

We all know well about SIMS and this version of the game has some new features. The developers have added the career feature that makes your gameplay more exciting than before. As mentioned at a website, “Now with Careers, you can unleash career ambitions for your Sim and watch them rise to success as they embark on exciting new opportunities.”

3. Dragon Age Legends:

3. Dragon Age Legends

“Dragon Age is the first real game on Facebook”. You, teamed up with your friends, wage battle against demons and dark forces, and build your own castle.

2. Gardens Of Time:

2. Gardens Of Time

This is all about the time-travel stuff, you travel in time to explore important happenings and moments in the history of world. The game has been divided in to several chapters and the number of explorable moments vary from chapter to chapter, but there is no restriction in moving between the chapters.

1. Indiana Jones Adventure World:

1. Indiana Jones Adventure World

Indiana Jones Adventure World is a beautiful outcome of the Zynga-LucasArts collaboration. The executive producer Toby Ragaini said that it was an opportunity for both the companies. It is best game we’ve seen so far; a detailed review of this game can be found HERE.