A plethora of different products is present out there, and everyday more and more products are being introduced. Some of those products are quite strange and interesting, but most of them don’t actually work fine. So today we have a list of 10 Really Strange, Interesting Yet Useful Gadgets. All of them are quite unique and weird, but they are functional and work just fine. They do the work they are required to do! So check the list out — maybe you will love them and want to get them as soon as possible.

Here goes the list..

10. Hanging Tent

Hanging Tent

Are you an adventure traveller who visits a lot of dangerous forests? If yes, then this Hanging Tent is perfect for you. This unique camping tent was designed by tree house architect Alex Shirley-Smith. It hangs in the air and is suspended between trees. It will protect you from all the insects, snakes, and dangerous animals.

9. SatuGo bouncing camera

Price: [Not yet available] Expected price is $70

SatuGo bouncing camera

The name SatuGo stands for See Aim Throw captUre & GO! And this is exactly what this camera allows you to do. It is a bouncing camera that clicks a photo on impact or, when you throw it in the air, a timer can be set to take photos at set intervals. It takes about 3 mega pixel photos. You will also be able to use it as a webcam as it will come with a belt clip. It still has not gone into production but 4,000 plus people have already registered on the official website, who will be notified as soon as the camera becomes available.

8. Samsung WiFi Enabled Fridge

Price: $2,699-$3,499

Samsung WiFi Enabled Fridge

If you ever wanted to tweet or see the Google calender while searching your fridge for a snack, then you should definitely be thankful to the people at Samsung for creating this WiFi Enabled Fridge. This fridge has an 8-inch LCD screen with various apps so you can eat and tweet at the same time! It also lets you access Pandora online radio and a Google calendar, or even leave digital notes and download recipes.

7. Keyboard Pants

Keyboard Pants

These keyboard pants combine fashion and technology. These pants with a computer keyboard were designed by Erik de Nijs. They boast inbuilt speakers, wireless computer mouse, and full-size bluetooth keyboard. Wearing these pants you can move freely and change your sitting positions, while being in full control of the keyboard!

6. Actual ‘Like’ and ‘Dislike’ Stamps

Price: $7.99

Actual ‘Like’ and ‘Dislike’ Stamps

The ‘Like’ button of Facebook has now been brought to life, thanks to the people at ThinkGeek. Now you can show your appreciation by a classic dipping in ink ‘Like’ stamp . You also have a ‘Dislike’ stamp to show your dissatisfaction. So now you can ‘Like’ or ‘Dislike’ your employee’s work or your kid’s test by stamping their paper. Cool, right?

5. iPlunger

Price: $5.99


This product is a really useful plunger for your iPhone. The iPlunger is not an official Apple accessory but can prove to be really useful as you can stick to the back of your iPhone vertically or horizontally to get easy, hands free access to your music and Internet.

4. Hamster Time alarm clock

Price: $15.99

Hamster Time alarm clock

Don’t worry, this alarm clock doesn’t use a real hamster, instead it uses a mechanical hamster to powers the clock. This hamster runs on batteries. It runs and moves the wheel; and this thing makes the clocks minute hand move forward. This product is being sold on Stupid.com, but before buying it remember that even fake hamsters make a lot of noise while running!

3. The Fanbrella

Price: $79.95

The Fanbrella

As the name suggests, it is an umbrella with an inbuilt fan! This awesome gadget Hammacher Schlemmer can really come in handy in the months of extreme summer sun, when only walking a minute in the scorching sun can make you sweat a lot. It is like a normal umbrella, but has a 650-rpm rotating fan under the canopy.

2. Magic Message Mirror alarm system

Price: $4,000-$5,000

Magic Message Mirror alarm system

This Snow White inspired Magic Message Mirror is made by Themeaddicts. It looks like a normal gilded mirror, but in reality it is a touch-screen mirror connected to security cameras and motion-detection sensors. It can prove to be a really cool security system for your home. When it senses any change, for instance a guest or an open garage door, the ‘Basil of the Mirror’ appears. He is ‘a somewhat pompous English butler personality’ but you can also change the character. He also says phrases like ‘Hmmm … most curious. It seems that we have a pedestrian approaching our driveway.’ or ‘Alarm! Alarm! The pool gate has been opened.’

1. Flying Alarm Clock

Price: $19.99

Flying Alarm Clock

Yes, you read that right: Flying alarm clock. If you are one of those people who just can’t wake up in the morning, and whenever your alarm clock starts beeping you just turn it off and sleep again, only to regret it later when you reach an important meeting or university an hour late, then this is a perfect alarm clock for you. This life saving alarm clock is sold on ThinkGeek.com, and it will definitely solve your ‘not waking up in the morning’ issues. When this clock’s alarm starts off you will have to get out of your bed in order to turn it off as the only way of turning it off is by catching the propeller and reattaching it!