When you purchase a gift for someone special, you are often mistaken. Sometimes you buy the gift with the intention of being liked by the other person but it in turns disappoints them. At times you may not be able to understand the reaction from the beloved ones. Means you miss the signs which point towards that. So here are 10 signs which no one should ignore.

10. Re-gift


Sometimes you gift a person something which your beloved ones don’t need or they don’t long for it. So they pass it on to someone else as it is. One of my friends gifted me a “photo frame”, I didn’t need that and I passed it to other fried as it is.

9. Throwing

kicking gift

If the gift is not up to the wish then the person may throw it in the garbage or may break it, after you leave. That is one of the often signs one should look for.

8. Honesty


Some people are so clear in what they wish to have as a gift that they honestly tell you about their desired present. For such people better is to gift them from the list of their wishes.

7. No usage

nu usage

Sometimes the gift is just collecting dust in someone’s house without any use. This means that they cannot find the use for the gift or the gift just broke the expectations.

6. Physical

physical 1

Some people become physical as soon as they learn of your deceit. They will kick you and hit you until they get what they want from you. You must be wondering that what this is about? Just go on Youtube and watch a clip there called ‘Merry Christmas bitch’.

5. Yelling


Many people would yell at you if they are not satisfied with the gift. Others feel it undermines the relationship and thus they are disappointed. This is a clue to return gift and buy the right one for them.

4. Sarcasm


A light taunting way is sometimes done by the friends to give you a hint that the gift is not up to the expectations. Many people use this as their phrase “Good One…Now where’s my real present”.

3. Poker Face

poker face

Some people try to put on a poker face. That is with no reaction at the time of the improper gift trading or when you have given an improper present. So if you don’t get a warm response it means that you have not passed the test. Be careful, usually poker face is coupled with other things on this list.

2. Asking the cost

Sometimes people start to ask for the price of the gift. This is usually done to know whether the person was cheap or not or to check the level for which the gift has been given. At times they may also not see the value or the worth of the present given or traded.

1. Shock


Many people are shocked when they get a gift which they never expected. When the shock has the element of being surprised it is a positive sign but when it has some disappointment then it means that the gift is a wrong choice. Disappointment sort response is usually from children