Producers invest a huge amount of money to bring a scripted film into existence. Howard Hughes was the first man to invest a large amount (3.8 Million) on a movie, in an era when movies used to be cheap. Since then the trend shifted and Hollywood movies got bigger and better producing epics like Titanic and The Dark Knight.  A major portion of the money is spent on advertising and promotion of the movie. This investment and hard work then helps the movie makers to generate revenue. Here is a list of the top ten movies of 2012 which have the highest amount life time grossing.

10 – Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds ($25,791,693)

This romantic drama is directed, produced and written by Tyler Perry. The story revolves around a successful business man played by Deeds. With a total gross percentage of 60.4%, the Tyler Perry starrer is placed at number ten.

9. This Means War ($41,399,962)

This romantic comedy action stars two CIA operatives and friends played by Chris Pine and Tom Hardy who fall in love with the same girl (Resse Witherspoon) and fight amongst themselves to win her over. The movie has a gross percentage of 42%.

8. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance ($44,826,376)

This sequel to the 2007 superhero action Ghost Rider shows Nicholas Cage return as Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider. Johnny’s mission is to save a boy from the devil and get rid of his curse forever. This action adventure has a gross percentage of 49.3%.

7. Act of Valor ($45,111,924)

The movie stars a group of active duty U.S NAVY SEALs whose mission is to recover a kidnapped CIA operative. This action thriller is based on real life missions and heroics and has a gross percentage of 54.3%.

6. The Woman in Black ($52,241,390)

Harry Potter sensation Daniel Radcliffe plays a lawyer in this horror thriller who travels to a distant village and discovers that a vengeful spirit of a woman is terrorizing the locals. This supernatural thriller has a gross percentage of 40%.

5. Chronicle ‘2012’ ($60,846,697)

The story revolves around three friends who have gained superpowers. They use these powers for their benefits and soon lose control of their marvelous abilities causing their dark sides to prevail. This Sci-fi has gross percentage of 36.1% and did a business of about sixty one million.

4. Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax ($70,217,070)

This fantasy animation is about a 12-year old boy who wants to win over the girl of his dreams. The only one who can help him out in this task is the grumpy yet charming Lorax. The movie did an opening weekend business of a sensational 70 plus million dollars. The Lorax has a stunning gross percentage of 95.3%.

3. Journey 2: The Mysterious Island ($85,233,873)

This follow up to the 2008 super hit Journey to the Center of the Earth stars Dwayne Johnson as Hank who joins his step-son John played by Josh Hutcherson on a trip of a lifetime. On the mysterious island they discover weird and astonishing things like gold mountains and deadly volcanoes. This adventurous movie has a gross percentage of 31.9% and takes the 3rd spot on the count down.

2. Safe House ($108,355,425)

This action thriller stars Ryan Reynolds as CIA agent who is given the task to look after a fugitive played by Denzel Washington in a safe house. The safe house gets attacked and Ryan escapes along with Denzel. Their mission being to find out who wants them dead.  The movie has a gross percentage of 36.9%.

1.The Vow ($111,623,496)

This romantic drama stars Channing Tattum as Leo. His wife Paige played by Rachel McAdams loses her memory after a tragic car accident. The movie shows that how Leo strives to win her heart again. The movie did an opening weekend business of more than 40-Million and has a total gross percentage of 36.8%. But the lifetime Gross of over a one hundred and eleven million dollars puts The Vow in the number spot in the countdown.