Celebrities and addiction is the media’s favourite hot topic. But it’s not the traditional gossip that excites us anymore. Alcoholics and drug addicts do get coverage on the inside pages but headlines are made in modern addictions. We want updates on celebrities do’s and addictions. These addictions are not simpler as before now rather they are unique and differently excited like cosmetology, oniomania etc. well it’s not always celebrities who are addicted to some stuff and making it a headline, are you a victim of any top ten listed addiction below?

10. Technology addiction

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” — Arthur C. Clarke

Technology addiction

Technology has made much advancement and has spread in almost every home round the globe in more than 100 hundred years. Gadgets have been made for everything; even for the things that we could haven’t imagined like USB fridges, disposable calculators and egg poachers etc. when compared to few years back, now-a-days technology is much cheap. A technology addicts ensures to have the latest and cutting edge devices to be home.

9. Exercise addiction

“Patients should have rest, food, fresh air, and exercise – the quadrangle of health” —William Osler

Exercise addiction

Exercise is good for health if it is done in moderation. But there are people who wake up in the morning and after working for many hours they go to gym on daily basis. A compulsive excessive exerciser seems to be out of this world. Such people are few among us, but they do exist with other eating disorders. For example, when they are on treadmills, it’s hard to stop them. Such addicts sacrifice their health and ruin their social life due to their addiction.

8. Idolization addiction

“I’ve never tried to emulate anyone. I’ve never idolized people, I prefer instead to get off on attitudes” — Michael Hutchence

Idolization addiction

Having a ‘crush’ on someone is quite natural but sometimes a fan of a specific person or group sometimes become so engrossed in the aura round that subject that he/she become fanatically to point of idolization. Usually the celebrities are the favorites and the fanatics will try to gather any material relating to their idols. Idolization addiction can be related to one thing or person, or many things and people.

7. Video games addiction

“The score never interested me, only the game.” — Mae West


Video games addiction

Among younger generation, video game addiction is a growing problem. Game addicts play video games for several hours non-stop, even they forget to hydrate and sleep. It ends up into severe results. Sometimes death occurs like a 20 year old boy due to blood after playing Halo for 12 hours. Similarly a gamer died after 15 hours of nonstop play in South Korea. The Daily Tech also reports that in China several gamers have collapsed during such kind of ultra-gaming sessions. These incidents have been traced back to MMO phenomena (Massively Multiplayer Online game).

6. Love addiction

“Love is the irresistible desire to be desired irresistibly.” — Robert Frost

Love addiction

Love addicts and spurned lovers are slightly different. The love addict will never let it to end, he will damage his health, destroy his relationship, but will never let it over until and unless he falls into love once again which usually takes a long time. When someone becomes addicted to the feeling of being in love, it is love addiction. Love addicts depict different behaviors. It is a common addiction whereas addicts do not realize that they are addicted. It can be treated with different recovery techniques; most of them are same as recovery from other addictions like sex addiction and alcoholism, through support groups and group meetings.

5. Body Mutilation – body art addiction

“Ink to paper is thoughtful, Ink to flesh, hard-core.
If Shakespeare were a tattooist, We’d appreciate body art more.” —Terri Guillemets

Body Mutilation – body art addiction

One may see tattoos and extensive metal piercing as freakish display and for someone it is the lifelong goal achievement or spiritual attainment. Sometimes it is done for hiding a body scar in beautiful way. Having body art in the form of tattoos is sort of a passion for addicted people. Tattooing and piercing gives them mental harmony and peace. These addicts do it again and again. Medical professionals say that many body modification/mutilation addicts might be addicted to the endorphins that are released during the process.

4. Sex addiction

“Sex is emotion in motion.” — Mae West

sex addiction

In some people life sex is prominent than in others. For some people sex drive is in their sub conscious which is repeatedly stimulated by media through ads. Sex addict are looking for a potential partner. They are in search for a “one night stand” and they don’t treat their partners with respect, consideration or loyalty. For them the idea of ‘getting a life’ is to get a sex life; and often their idea of a good night out involves manipulating their way back to the bedroom.

3. Shopping addiction

“And then, I do love my shopping, but actually, lounging is the big thing. “ — Delta Burke

Shopping addiction

Shopping addiction has a fancy term to describe: Oniomania. Shopping addicts spend every dime they earn to spend and even they borrow and continue to satisfy their cravings to shop. Onomanic feel the urge to buy stuff more and more and at the end they don’t have savings and they are under debts. Their cards reach their max and they declare bankruptcy but they still feel the need to buy.

2. Cosmetic surgery addiction

“I definitely believe in plastic surgery. I don’t want to be an old hag. There’s no fun in that.” — Scarlett Johansson

Cosmetic surgery addiction

An addiction to change things that one does not like about ones’ self is the cosmetic surgery addiction. It can range from breast implants to a nose job. It can turn you into someone you will not recognize after a certain point. Such addicts suffer from a poor self image. Doctors believe that people who modify their features to cartoonish proportions or those who feel a 10-hour facelift/ nose job/breast augmentation/ tummy tuck/lipo isn’t enough display of classic signs of Body Dysmorphic Disorder, whereby they have unnatural preoccupations imaginary superficial defects.

1. Internet/smart phone addiction

“The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow. “ — Bill Gates

Internet/smart phone addiction

For entire day surfing the web doing nothing but getting connected to facebook, latest celebrity gossip or playing games for hours. Many people are exhibiting signs of addiction to the Internet and their mobile devices. World Wide Web wasn’t even around 25 years ago but now there are more than a billion users worldwide. Mobile devices cannot be avoided, which makes it hard for those with “problem Internet use” to break the habit. It is a controversial diagnosis known as “Internet Addiction Disorder”.