With the emergence of 20th century, the transportation throughout the world transformed from horses and other cattle to cars and other motor operated vehicles. Therefore the horse breed almost became extinct. But they are still revered today and are widely used around the world for other purposes like horse racing and horse shows etc.

iDakotaone analyzes the top 18 popular horse breeds taken from 6,831 Google sites. Below is a list of top 10 horse breeds according to their statistics.

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10. Andalusian :

andalusian horses (10)

The war horse also known as the Pure Spanish Horse, the Andalusian is a sturdy yet elegant horse. It is commonly found in grey color, however it is available in different colors as well. These horses were used as a tool of diplomacy by the Spanish government in the 15th century. There are more than 185,000 Andalusians worldwide.

9. Welsh Pony and Cob:

Welsh Pony & Cob C & D

The pony and cob are adjacent breeds. Welsh, existed even before 1600 BC. They primarily originated from United Kingdom.  Their use throughout the history has been immense especially in farms and in cavalry.

8. Tennessee Walking:

TennesseeWalkingHorse (1)

The possessor of a great gait, the Tennessee Walking originated from the Southern United States. Tennessee was basically trained by farmers to travel long terrains of plantations. Tennessee Walking have an incredible stamina. They are commonly found in black, chestnut and bay colors.

7. Morgan:


Owners of a proud gait, graceful neck and sheer elegance, the Morgans are the earliest American breeds. They can be found all over the world. They are reliable and versatile. More than 132,000 Morgan Horses have been registered so far.

6. Appaloosa:


The appaloosa being one of the most popular breeds in United States, originated from Ancient Greece. Having a leopard-spotted skin, the appaloosa generates interest and attraction for the beholder as well as for those who study genetics.

5. Thoroughbred:


Originated from England, the Thoroughbred is known for its speed and spirit. Hence they are used mainly in racing. They are chiefly crossbreeds as their breeds had spread throughout the world.

4. Miniature:


As their name suggests they are smaller in size compared to other horses.  Miniatures have developed from multiple breeds. They are friendly and are often kept as pets.

3. Paint:


Emerged in 1965, the paint horses link their ancestry to the thoroughbred and the American Quarter horse. They are found most commonly with white spots and a combination of black, brown and chestnut etc.

2. American Quarter Horse:


Making itself one of the largest breeds known, the American Quarter horse is registered to have more than 5million breeds. It is known for its speed and is used in horse races and horse shows.

1. Arabian:


The most popular breed, the Arabian originated from the Arabian Peninsula. They were used by the Arabs for raiding and war. Most distinctive features include their beauty, good nature, quick learning abilities, stamina, uniqueness and easy recognition. Today the Arabians are found all over the world.