Six pack abs, shredded shoulders and big biceps is what has always been the most attractive element possessed by Hollywood hotties. Staying fit to look fit in the movies has always been the primary concern of Hollywood stars. Years of training and hours of rigorous work out routine helps them achieve a toned, poster material body. Here is a list of the Top Ten Hollywood Muscle Men of all time.

10-Jean-Claude Van Damm

”Muscles from Brussels”, that’s how Van Damm is referred to in Hollywood for his peaked biceps and a sensational ripped body. The Belgian martial artist has starred in movies like ‘Blood Sport’, ‘Universal Soldier’, ‘Double Impact’ and will appear in the ‘Expendables 2′.

9-Syllvester Stallone

Sly Stallone, the guy who played ‘Rocky Balboa’ in the award winning inspirational ‘Rocky’ is one of the toughest guys in Hollywood. To look more ripped and shredded, Sly went on a complete protein diet for ‘Rocky-3′. Sylvester also played the ever famous ‘Rambo’ in the ‘First Blood’ series.

8-Mark Wahlberg

This buffed uped muscle machine has been a former rapper. Mark has starred in box office hits like ‘The fighter’ and ‘Contraband’. Marks monster biceps and detailed shoulders put him at the number 8th spot.

7-Vin Diesel

The ‘Fast and the Furious’ has a an enormous muscle size and build to die for. Vin recently starred as ‘Toretto’ in ‘Fast Five’ which took the box office by storm.

6-Chris Evans

Chris went on a strict work out and deit routine to gain this massive size for ‘Captain America’. Evans starred as the famous ‘Human torch’ in Fantastic 4′. He also starred in movies like ‘Cellular’ and ‘The Losers’. Chris Evans will be seen again in the Blue and White Captain America suit for the upcoming ‘Avengers’.

5-Taylor Lautner

The guy with the hottest 8-pack abs in Hollywood took on the role of ‘jacob black’ in the ‘Twilight’ series. He is known as the guys with the best body transformations in Hollywood. Taylor had to have the size of a 25 year old in the ‘Twilight Saga-New Moon’. An year of sheer determination and hard work made him one the most toned up celebrities of Hollywood.

4-Terry Crews

This muscular monster with a chissled 6-pack ab starred in ‘Expendables’ and ‘White Chicks’. Terry has one of the most peakiest biceps in Hollywood. With the build of a professional body builder, Terry crews is at number 4 in the countdown.

3-Ryan reynolds

The hottie starred in hits like ‘The proposal’, ‘X-men Origins’ and ‘Definitely, maybe’ and in the recently released ‘Safe house’. Ryan possesess one of the most detailed set of muscles in Hollywood.

2-Hugh jackman

Hugh was seen to have a decent toned up body from his earliest movies but for ‘X-men origins’, he totally changed himself. By changing the way he used to eat, sleep and trained, Hugh became a ripped muscular monster.

 1-Jason Statham

Jason Statham has done inummerous hits like ‘Expendables’, ‘Cellular’, ‘Death Race’, ”Transporter’, ”The Mechanic’ and ‘Crank’. Jason has a build every one dreams of but, he has one of the most muscular and well toned back. The back pull-up scene from ‘Death Race’ made people go crazy. With one the finest build and a detailed structure, Jason Statham is at the number one spot of the list.