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Top 10 Flopped McDonald Cuisines

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big N tasty

McDonalds came on the face of earth in 1940. It is one of the most popular fast food chains in United States and has wide variety of outlets outside US too. McDonalds like many other food outlets has not proved to be perfect at times. ...

10 Things you Probably didn’t Know “Labor day”

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As the manufacturing industry bloomed in the 1800s in America, the laborers felt threatened. Their jobs were at stake. Thus on 5th September 1882, 10,000 Americans marched towards the union square to mark their protest. ...

10 Best Disney Heroes and Villains From Star Wars Movies

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Series of illustrations by Nathan H. Boyd shows popular Disney characters dressed as heroes and villains from the Star Wars movies. ...

The 10 Best Restaurants in America

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10. Restaurant Eugene

America is one of the most famous countries when it comes to restaurants. There are a number of restaurants in the country ranging from Chinese to Italian. ...

10 Most Famous Celebrities Who Died In a Car Accident

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Princess Diana

Death is the biggest and most inevitable truth of life. It has been rightly said that the biggest reality and truth about life is death. ...

Top Ten Most Anticipated Xbox 360 Games of 2012

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As we know, Xbox 360 is the leading console in the market worldwide. It has been attracting millions and millions gamers to itself by constantly coming up with different and unique games,i.e Gears of War, Halo, Fable, that have really helped in making it a success. ...

Top 10 Societies you’ll be afraid to join

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A secret society is the one which works in a manner that its activities are oblivious to non-members. There are a wide variety of secret societies in the world. ...

Top 10 River Monsters

by admin - on Apr 25th 2012 - 5 Comments
10. Congo killer

Since the beginning of the world, man has always speculated about the existence of other beings that could prove dangerous for the humans. We are indeed right in our speculation because a number of mysterious creatures and beings have been spotted in different areas. ...