The word cat is a loan translation (borrowed) from Latin cattus. The cat is a carnivorous animal and is usually kept as a pet. It was a symbol of liberty and freedom in Ancient Rome and Egypt. Cats possess amazing features. From sharp ability to see in dark to the ability to catch their prey like leopards, cats have a whole world of remarkable characteristics hidden in them. Let us explore some facts or cats behaviour problems about this creature that you probably didn’t know. Below are 10 Crazy Things About Cats That You Probably Didn’t Know About.

10. Cats can die from eating chocolate:

chocolate cat

Methylxanthines is a medication that causes the body to lose fluids. It is found in chocolate. It also causes the heart to race and thus is poisonous for cats. If your cat consumes chocolate accidentally, take it to the vet immediately.

9. Cats can purr at the frequency of a diesel engine:

purr cat
The cats can purr at a frequency equivalent to that of a diesel engine. This means around 26 purrs per second. Usually the purring indicates gratification but it can also refer to being in pain.

8. Lack of taurine can blind your cat:

blind cat
Taurine is an organic acid that the cat requires in their food. Dogs can produce their own Taurine but cats can’t. Prolonged deficiency of Taurine can cause blindness in your kitty. Relax; it’s present in the cat food.

7. Cats are clean drinkers and eaters:

clean cat
If you have lost your cutlery and your cat’s bowl is the only choice, you can eat in its bowl. It’s clean. However in case of dog, better wash it several times. According to a study, a cat uses the tip of its tongue to pull water upward, closing its jaws before gravity pulls the column of liquid back toward earth.

6. Cat has five toes on front paw and four toes on rear:

A cat usually has five toes on its front paw and four on its back. But Polydactyl cats have six toes on the front paw. Cats file their nails by removing the outer layer through scratching but Polydactyl cats can’t do so which makes them more prone to nail infections.

5. Cats are oblivious of scolding:

oblivious cat
Scolding your cat is a futile effort. They won’t understand that you are admonishing them. However they can somewhat understand a “NO.” It’s funny because its a sign of the stubbornness in them :P

4. They may love too much:

cat missing
According to behavior experts, cats may experience anxiety when separated from the person they like. That’s the reason cats become demanding and sometimes pee on your clothes or even lose weight.

3. Cats don’t always need milk:

kitty milk
Cats are lactose intolerant i.e. they can’t tolerate the sugar in the milk. Although the kittens can take small amounts of milk, adult cats can’t. Thus milk intake can cause in them diarrhea and vomiting.

2. Smoking can kill them:

smoking cat
Cigarette smoke can cause allergic reaction in cats. Passive smoking can make the cats more prone to malignant lymphona i.e. cancer.

1. Cat doesn’t meow at other cat:

A cat never meows at other cats, rather it purrs or hisses. It only meows at humans. However it’s not a hard and fast fact. Cats may be seen meowing at other cats too but rarely.