There were times when one single technology covered the space of a whole room. In this era of revolution, the sizes of technological gadgets has shortened tremendously. Thus a lot of accessories pertaining to wear ability have been around. A wide variety of such gadgets starting from sunglasses till jewelry are found on shipping websites. The hype just can’t seem to stop rather it’s inviting more uniqueness and desirability to the products. Lets go through some of the gadgets that you can wear and enjoy your life as a tech-fashie.
Note that the list is not hierarchal.

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10. MagnetU:


MagnetU is an amazing high-tech band that you can wear and roam around. The difference between an ordinary band and a magnetU is that the latter has your whole personality embedded in it. When you roam around the streets wearing your magnetU, your personality profile is transmitted wirelessly and another magnetU user nearby can detect you easily through alerts. It’s amazing as it brings people of similar tastes together.

9. WiFi detecting shirt:


This black cotton T-shirt with the signals strength visible at the front detects Wi-fi signals around it. The better the signals, the more the bars will be illuminated. The battery is concealed in a small pocket sewn inside the shirt. The shirt however demands care in washing.

8. The Third Eye:

third eye

The scary innovation, keeps a track of the person behind you. It works as a webcam and delivers the imagery on your wrist. It can be your protector against violence and thefts.

7. Camera eye


Toronto motion picture maker Rob Spencer had received a severe injury in his right eye at the age of nine. He had his eye replaced by prosthesis. An idea struck him. He thought that instead of an artificial eye, he would have one that could work as a camera. Though he himself won’t be able to look through the eye but the camera would capture the images for him. Spence has been successful in making such an eye through his project called ‘Eyeborg’.

6. Disposable Nail Watch:

Having won the runners up at the global design competition, Timex TX54 is a novel innovation in the world of watches. The watch snaps on your fingernail and lightens up on command. It’s a perfect amalgam of user interface, appearance and technology. It’s yet to come to commercial market though.

5. MiFi:


It’s something that changes your ipod touch into an iphone, rests in your pocket and sends 3G signals through which you can connect to internet on your laptop, phone anywhere anytime! If you have a MiFi you won’t go looking for WiFi connections at various hotspots. It’s sleek and is able to work for 40 hours. You sign contract with the company to provide you a monthly connection.

4. Air conditioned shirt:

air conditioned shirt

Costing around 200 dollars, this shirt gives you a cool in summers. The shirt contains real USB powered fans embedded into the fabric.

3. Circuit board neckties:

neck tie

Not only you are what you eat but also you are what you wear. Your inner geek can’t seem to hide through your clothing. These ties are not just awesome but also fashionable.

2. Google glasses:

google android glasses

A big hype is around for the google glasses which shall be possessing the capability to use your voice and other inputs to do things done by a smart phone such as checking weather, text messages, scheduling meetings etc. It’s different because you are not going to hold the device in your hands but whatever is in it is going to hover above you. Although it’s rumored to be released the end of 2012, but critics believe that it cannot come out before 2 more years.

1. The wearable internet:

wearable internet

The wearable internet is the one that is expected to blow smart phones away. It is primarily made up of a webcam, a battery powered 3M projector, finger caps and a mirror. The wearable internet is an expected breakthrough in the world of internet.