There is no doubt in saying that holidays are the times in one’s life when one needs to leave behind all the fuss of the regular professional lives and seek out for something new, something extra ordinary, something which is not to be experienced during the daily grind of one’s life. Holidays are the time to relax and to relish all the aspects of nature which one has stopped admiring and experiencing.

Research suggests that the spending of holidays in the best locations, locations that are full of nature and purity contributes a lot to a person’s psychic health and stability. There are a number of activities one can do at holiday locations such as mountaineering, skiing, windsurfing etc. The thing which is the most important here is the location which one selects for pleasant holidays. One must be quite meticulous in selecting the location for spending the holidays because places do matter a lot. Below is the list of the top ten most enchanting and serene locations for spending one’s holidays.

10. The Lanzarote Island, Atlantic Ocean

The Lanzarote Island, Atlantic Ocean

The island originated from a volcano or in other words a volcanic origin and is located in the Atlantic Ocean. This island is indeed very special and has a lot to offer to all those who give this island a chance for entertaining them. One can have a great time at this location which one’s family and close friends. There are a number of restaurants, hotels, shops, clubs and much more.

9. The Island of Tenerife, Spain

The Island of Tenerife, Spain

This island is among the cluster of the Canary Islands and is one of the largest islands in the world. In terms of population it is also one of the largest. But one should not worry about over crowdedness, as this island is indeed very large and has a number of places for accommodation. One must try to visit the Mount Teide which is a huge volcano and one can easily get there on a chair lift.

8. Times Square, New York U.S.A

Times Square

This location is only a few blocks away from the famous central park. It is one of the most visited tourist locations of the world and experiences more than 40 million tourists every year. It is covered with special neon advertisement marks and boards all around. The environment of this location is indeed astonishing and heart throttling.

7. Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

One location which will never disappoint the fun seeking individuals is this Red Sea resort which is known by the name of SHARM EL SHEIKH. This location has gained popularity over the past decade and had now grown to be one of the most visited tourist locations of the continent of Africa. The opening of high quality and spectacular hotels, restaurants and shopping malls led the current bloom of this resort.

6. Ibiza, Europe

Ibiza, Europe

Ibiza proudly boasts as being one of those special and rare locations of the world that has gained fame and fortune with the inflow of the tourists from all across the globe. The thing which is the most appreciating about this destination is that it continues to attract millions of tourists from year to year.

5. The Enchanting and Sweet South East Asia

The Enchanting and Sweet South East Asia

This location has attracted a new wave of tourism and fun seeking individuals from many years. As each second passes by the inflow of tourists is increasing due to the wonderful activities this location has to offer. There are a number of romantic gateways and places where can sit and enjoy one’s time with that special one.

4. The Luxury Life of Maldives

The Luxury Life of Maldives

The thing is the most noticeable and astonishing about this heaven on earth is its composition. The entire location is composed of a huge collection of luxury islands, shopping malls, places to dine, five and seven star hotels and not to forget even shinning beaches.

3. Dubai


For those who seek relaxation, quietness, and at the same a little fun and excitement, then the only location which is worth one’s holidays is the ever alive and the enchanting land of Dubai. This mega location requires no formal introduction and has the power to speak for itself with the world’s tallest building and the best hotels.

2. The Land of the Greeks, Greece

The Land of the Greeks, Greece

This location has the power to offer a multitude of fun filled activities and never before sights. One only needs to visualize the hidden beauty and the powerful essence of this land of nature.

1. Toronto, Canada


This city has the right to be at number one in terms of the most visited locations of the world. The factors and features of the last 9 locations if merged together make up this city of dreams and excitement. The Niagara Falls, the splendid architecture, The City Hall show only fragments of the city’s never ending beauty.