When one views a park from one’s car or from any other automobile, then it indeed gives a wonderful sight. The view of such parks gives a great feeling. The parks are not only essential for human health, but also for the environmental factors. The environment of a city depends primarily on its parks.

The world’s biggest parks have been designed in such a way that the residents and the tourists would feel relaxed by visiting these parks. The trees are planted in the parks in a fixed ratio, so that they may contribute in increasing the oxygen levels in the air. Due to manifold increasing of the pollution and the dust, the parks have now become an essential component of any city. The number of tourists that visit the city is also determined to a great extent by the natural environment of the city. Many countries have constructed enormous parks to increase the city’s beauty. Below is the list of the top 10 biggest parks in the world.

10. Kings Park, Australia

Kings Park, Australia

This park is the most well known and extremely popular visitor location of the west wing of Australia. The entire park is equipped with trees and flowers of almost all kinds. There are also many flowers and plants which are to be found nowhere else in the world. The experience which one can have by talking a stroll on the Federation Walkway would be astonishing and relaxing for the nerves.

9. Washington Park, Denver

Washington Park, Denver

This park is located on the south central end of Denver. This park covers more than 150 acres and is among the largest parks of the city. Each year thousands of visitors and residents come to relish the never ending beauty of the park. All around the park are benches where one sit and stare at the natural beauties of the park.

8. Stanley Park, Vancouver

Stanley Park, Vancouver

This park is easily accessible to all the residents as it is linked a by a number of roads and biking routes of many cities. The park contains a number of ponds, forest, many beaches and a row of pedestrian walks and a number of sports and gaming zones. It covers an area of 1100 acres and is one of the largest parks of the world.

7. Fairmount Park, Philadelphia

Fairmount Park, Philadelphia

This park is indeed a very big park as it is divided into more than 60 sections. It is easily accessible to all the residents of the city and is always found full of people, but there are a number of spots which are never too crowded. A river is also located on the sides of the park which offers a great opportunity for fishing.

6. Bitsevsky Park, Moscow

Bitsevsky Park, Moscow

For those individuals who want to get away from the rush of the city, this park is the most suitable option. It is the only park in the city which provides a skiing environment in winter and cycling in summers. The park covers a wide area and there are a number of stories that are famous about this park.

5. Metropolitan Park, Santiago

Metropolitan Park, Santiago

This park covers an area of more than 1900 acres and is filled with many wonderful gardens, ponds, a zoo and numerous swimming pools. There are also a number of shops where can have a taste of the top dishes and even shop.

4. Chapultepec Park, Mexico City

Chapultepec Park, Mexico City

This park also covers a wide area and is one of the most popular dating spot of the city. The park has a number of museums, a zoo, swimming spots, boating spots and the residence of the President of the country. There is also a huge castle present in the park.

3. South Mountain Park, Arizona

South Mountain Park, Arizona

This park is the largest park in the United States of America as it covers an area of more than 16,000 acres. This park was developed in the 1920’s and 30’s. This park is a minor part of the Sonoran desert and offers a trail of more than 60 miles to hikers and other sports persons. One must try to use a trail guide when entering this park, as one can easily get lost in the park.

2. Central Park, New York

Central Park, NYC

This park was completed over a period of 25 years and is one of the biggest parks of the country. It can be rightly called as one of the most visited parks of the world. There are a huge range of activities which one can do in this park ranging from cycling to skating and much more. Museums, restaurants and art galleries are all present in this park.

1. Northeast Greenland National park

Northeast Greenland National Park

This park is the largest park of the world which covers an area of about 972,000 square kilometers. This park is even larger than many countries and is the only national park of Greenland. It covers the entire side of the coastline and most of the sections of Greenland.