McDonalds came on the face of earth in 1940. It is one of the most popular fast food chains in United States and has wide variety of outlets outside US too. McDonalds like many other food outlets has not proved to be perfect at times. People have shown aversion towards some of its products which eventually vanished. Let us look at ten such food items which were a big flop or failed for McDonalds.

10. McPizza:



There were two reasons for its failure. Firstly the pizza took a lot of time to cook and people didn’t like waiting since they needed fast service from a fast food restaurant. Secondly people didn’t really associate pizza with McDonalds. McDonalds was famed for fries and Burgers NOT pizza! And certainly it couldn’t stop people from going to pizza exclusive outlets like Dominos and Pizza Hut.

9. Mc Africa:



It was introduced in Norway in 2002 when Africans were dying of lack of food. It was not that the burger tasted bad but it was the bad time at which it was introduced. People obviously couldn’t enjoy a burger that was associated to people who couldn’t even afford a bun worth a penny!

8. Mc Gratin Croquette:

mc gratin


Possessing an unusual name, this burger contained a filling of mashed potatoes, macaroni, cabbage and shrimp. It didn’t taste really good. It was targeted to Japanese audience. After its flop, it doesn’t appear in McDonald’s outlets.

7. McHotDog:



Just like the McPizza, the McHotDog also did not fit with the style and nature of McDonalds and thus was taken off the menu.

6. McDLT:



A hot and cold serving, the McDLT was subway style. You had to complete your partially done burger. First of all people didn’t really like the idea of do-it-yourself and secondly the Styrofoam containers weren’t appreciated from environmental perspective.

5. McPasta:



The traditional Italian touch that McDonalds wanted to give through introduction of pasta, soon showed its failure when people didn’t look at the restaurant for pasta. There was a very low demand and soon it swis out of the sight.

4. Big N’ Tasty:

big N tasty


The attempt to compete Burger King’s whopper was the big N’ Tasty of McDonalds. It crawled down the menu as people got inclined towards another item i.e. Angus burger.

3. McLobster:



The expensive and unappealing McLobster wasn’t preferred by the audience due to its high price i.e. $5.99 and also just like many other cuisines, Mclobster didn’t fit McDonalds atmosphere.

2. Hula Burger:

hula burger


The Hula was a cheese burger with a slice of pineapple stuck inside. The product was targeted towards the Catholics who refrained from eating meat. People didn’t give a liking to it because of its taste.

1. Super size:

super size


It is true that advertising is a powerful tool and a bad PR can destroy it. Super size became victim of this PR failure too. Initially in 1993 when super size was introduced by McDonalds it became a hit but after the release of a documentary called “Super Size me” which showed the adverse physical and psychological effects of eating McDonalds, the super size went down the drain.