When one gets up early in the morning and sees children watching cartoons with open mouths, then a number of recollections from our own childhood strike our consciousness. It is the same way we used to see cartoons in our childhood. The companies which make cartoons should ponder a very important fact about the development of cartoons and that is the children try to copy and follow their favorite cartoon characters. The children’s preferences in their childhood are indeed very important factors that come to control their behaviors. Many psychologists assert that the childhood development of individuals has an ever lasting impact on the whole life of the person. The parents should assure that the children watch the right kind of cartoons which are best suited for their age and psyche. Below is the list of the top ten most popular cartoons for kids in 2012.

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10. Garfield

This cartoon is at the 10th spot because it has been around since many years and is still in 2012 one of the most popular cartoons among kids. The special thing about this cartoon is the design of the script which has been made specifically for the children. The school and homework problems, which children encounter in their summer vacations is the main focus of this cartoon.

9. Batman

This cartoon is based on the fictional character which was developed by Bob Kany many years back. The thing which makes this cartoon most unique is the fact that over the period of many years it has maintained its fame and popularity among kids who prefer to see it always in new forms. The new versions of this cartoon which were made in 2012 are also famous among teenagers also.

8. Tom And Jerry

The Tom and Jerry cartoons have always been the most watched since many decades. The thing which is the most appealing about this cartoon is the never ending fight and fun between the cat and the mouse. This special feature and the fame of this cartoon, has motivated many cartoonists to constantly re develop this characters every year. It is 2012 and still this cartoon series is among the most watched.

7. Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness

This cartoon series has earned a lot of recognition among children over the past few years primarily due to the super hid 3d movie Kung Fu Panda. In this cartoon series the adventures of the super dragon warrior PO and his friends continue as they unravel different mysteries and face dangerous battles against the enemies of the kung fu warrior.

6. Mad

This cartoon is the animated version of the spectacular and funny magazine series which has always been known for the stupidity and hilariousness of the boy which is the main focus of the magazine. The term (Mad) itself elucidates that how mad children can sometime be. There are also other characters which are used in this magazine.

5. Ninjago: Maters of Spinjitzu

This is yet another famous cartoon series of 2012 in which the never ending battles of a ninja are shown. The ninja kid has been trained by using all four elements and weapons of Spinjitzu. The moves and the fighting style of this ninja kid are awesome which has made this cartoon popular among the children in 2012.

4. My Giant Friend

At number four spot we have the cartoon which is the mixture of fun, excitement, humor and action. The giant friend has been made using the 3d technology which has made it one of the most expensive cartoon television series. Kids all around the world are madly in love with this cartoon as was revealed by an online survey among parents.

3. Young Justice

Young justice is the installment of the series of justice league. This new series is focused on the lives of famous super heroes in their teenage. This series has earned a lot of among children all around the world and the reason being the appealing action and the favorite super heroes of all time. Another reason of the popularity of this cartoon series is the fact that the children try to copy and follow them as they are of the same age as the team of the young justice super heroes.

2. Star Wars Season 4: Battle Lines

This cartoon series has attracted over 3 million viewers over the period of a few months. This new season is the continual installment of the legendary series of Star Wars. Each episode of this huge cartoon series was watched by children and adults of all ages.

1.Adventure Time

This cartoon series was developed by Pendleton Ward in 2010 and has been a commercial and critical success since that time. The series circles around the life of a boy named FINN and his magical dog. This series was originally designed for cartoon network, but due to the success of this series many other cartoon channels have also bought the display rights.