The documentary films include the fictional and non fictional pictures in the form of motion pictures. These documentaries are based on the real and fictional events. The main purpose or the primary motive of these videos is to bring about some reforms in the society or for some other purpose. These video documentaries indeed have the power to bring social change in the society. When it comes to the top 10 documentaries of 2011-2012, then we have a number of documentaries which can be rightly placed in the top 10 ranking. Below is the list of the top 10 documentaries of 2011-2012.


New York

This documentary is a parable which deals with the conflict that one experiences between money and the freedom of life. This documentary is about Bill Cunningham. He spent the entire span of his life in documenting a number of fashion trends and all the dominant styles of the time. In this documentary, the never ending spirit of Cunningham is shown in this documentary. Click here to Watch



This documentary is a very energetic and a purposeful documentary in the life of a horse whisperer who had experienced child abuse and other forms of assault in his childhood. The documentary shows that how he overcame his past life events and became a famous expert on the interactions and other symbolic patterns between people and horses. Click here to Watch


Laugh at my Pain

This documentary film is about the life of the comedian Kevin Hart. This documentary was released limitedly. The whole documentary shows the acts of this guy showing a new wave of jokes. Throughout his career, this guy has done a number of comedy concerts and has earned fame all around. Click here to Watch



This is indeed a superb and an award winning documentary about the life and the high and low moments of a college football team. In the initial stages the team used to be an underdog team, but then they got a new coach whom they had never imagined would change their fate and make them one of the best football teams. Click here to Watch


Nostalgia for the Light

This documentary is based on the Chile’s Atacama location, which is a highly remote area and more like a desert. In this desert three every talented researchers began to explore a number of answers about the human life and the factors that influence the human life. Click here to Watch



This thrilling and an enthusiastic documentary is about the life of a real life spy. This agent had completely changed the results and the inevitable outcomes of the World War 2. He played a game with the Germans and confused them. This documentary is indeed a master piece. Click here to Watch



This documentary circles around all the teenagers and kids of America who have been experiencing bullied behaviors and responses from others in their schools. They are bullied in the schools, streets, buses and even in the neighborhoods. These type of events have become a common part of the present American society. So this documentary deals with the resolution and correction of such kind of violent behaviours. Click here to Watch



This documentary is about an investigation conducted by the police about three teenagers who were accused of killing three young boys in an area. They spent 20 years in prison for the accused crime and afterwards it was found that they were innocent. It shows a number of aspects of the law and about the baseless accusations that are made against a number of individuals every year. These accusations and life sentences are sometimes based on incomplete evidence. Click here to Watch


How to Die in Oregon

This documentary is about the state of Oregon which was the first state that legalized the suicide that was assisted by one’s physician. At that time only some other countries had also legalized these suicides. The whole documentary shows the life of those who are involved in assisting and encouraging these kinds of acts. Click here to Watch


Being Elmo


This movie is not about the furry parrot as most of the people think, but it is rather about the man and his life of this guy who trains and brings up this parrot. The name of the guy is Kevin Clash. The nature of this guy is sometimes extra ordinary and at other times ordinary. He indeed has a unique personality and way of seeing things as shown in the movie. The character of Elmo became one of the most famous and loved character in children all around the world and also got critical acclaim. But the person behind the development of this character is not given any importance and applause even when he takes a regular stroll down the street. This documentary is indeed a must watch. Click here to Watch