There is something about comedy and humor which nobody can deny and that is they play an important role in influencing the overall life of an individual. Research clearly corroborates that comedy and humor do have a profound and conspicuous effect on the human brain.

People who do comedy and who possess an element of humor which is probably innate in them, try to look at things from a very different perspective. They have a unique way to look at things. They judge things from their own ethical yardstick and do so with great efficacy. One film industry that has it all is Bollywood. The industry has produced very talented comedians who are indeed world class. The acts and words they use elucidate their particular and unique mindset. The history of this country has produced great comedians and it proudly boasts this fact. Below is the list of the top 10 stand-up comedians of Bollywood industry.

10. Ahsan Qureshi

This guy is a very talented standup comedian. He got the position of runner up in the laughter challenge that was shown on Star One in the year 2005. He has made appearances in a number of comedy movies and has also heavily participated in a number of stage shows through the course of his life. The jokes he makes are specifically directed towards the political elite of the Indian society.

9. Vijay Ishwarlal Pawar (VIP)

This guy is a pretty good Indian standup comedian. He has also won the 2nd session of the reality contest in which a number of talented competitors had also participated. The show was named as comedy circus and proved to be a successful show. Since then he is constantly participated in all the installments of the show and has proved his worth.

8. Saloni Daini

This bright young girl is one of the youngest participants of the Indian reality shows. She is famously known all around India by the name of GANGUBAI. The reason behind her special name is that she plays the role of GANGUBAI very often and portrays the character with great mastery. She was the overall winner of a comedy show named Miyaan which was held in the year 2009. She also proved her talent in the show named as (CHOOTAY MIAN BARAY MIAN).

7. Sunil Pal

This guy is known all over India because of the faces and acts he portrays. He was the winner of the laughter challenge which was broadcasted on star one. He has also played a number of minor characters in many Hindi films. He also made a film that featured more than 50 standup comedians. The film was made in the year 2010 and was named as BHAVNAO KO SAMJHO.

6. Bharti Singh

This talented female comedian has participated in all the top comedy shows of India. She took an active participation in the laughter challenge and many other reality shows. This comedian has the ability to turn the tone of any show and change to it a state of a laughter chaos. She was born in Punjab in the city of Amritsar.

5. Krushna Abhishek

This guy who looks more like a model has participated in many movies and reality shows. He got famous not because of his serious acting which he portrayed in a few of his roles, but primarily because of the fact that he can make anyone laugh. He has now established himself as a strong standup comedian. He also participated in the season 2 and 3 of comedy circus.

4. Kapil Sharma

This guy belongs to the land of Punjab and has played a few roles in the top movies of India. This guy got recognition and critical acclaim when he participated in the show USTADOON KAI USTAAD. The 2010 version or season of comedy circus, comedy circus ka jadoo and the jubilee version of the comedy circus were in fact all won by him.

3. Sudesh Lehiri

This man started his journey in the film industry with small roles, but his fate was indeed written in the line of comedy and humor. He won the great Indian laughter challenge 3 which was held in 2007. He also played a funny role in the Indian movie Ready.

2. Shakeel Siddiqui

This man originally belongs to Pakistan. He has played hundreds of roles in the stage dramas of Pakistan and as well as in India. He participated in the super hit first season of comedy circus and also participated in the show USTADOON KAI USTAAD. The timing and sequence of his jokes are most noticing.

1. Raju Srivastava

This man is undoubtedly the most successful and famous standup comedian of India. This guy got a major break thorough in his career in the show the great Indian laughter challenge and since that time he has shown a multitude of excellent performances and comedy roles. He has also won the title of KING OF COMEDY.