Science has made even the unimaginable things possible. Who could have thought of technologies like wireless technology, cloning of plants and animals and discoveries of planets similar to earth and water on moon? Intelligent minds from all over the world bring us new wonders which are even hard to understand for common people, thus boggling their minds. So today we have a list of Top 10 upcoming Discoveries of Science 2012, so that you would be mentally prepared for the upcoming wonders. Check them out! Some amazing discoveries are to going to be made in the future.

10. Element ‘Socialmedium’

periodic table


We know that the periodic table of elements is not yet complete and new elements are being added to it as they are being discovered. Another soon to be discovered element is ‘Socialmedium’. The amazing thing about this element will be that its atomic weight could fluctuate. In simple words it means that it would have the tendency to gain electrons and then lose them without any reason whatsoever.

9. Mobile phones do not cause brain cancer

Mobile Phones

Yes, they would be proved not cause brain cancer, but instead cause brain deterioration due to the their excessive. Brain deterioration here refers to a reduced quality or strength of thinking and speaking.

8. Yawning can kill you


Studies are being carried out at the Van Winkle Institute which will show the world that when people say they are ‘bored to death’, it can actually happen. Yawning can kill you, and when you are bored you yawn, which means boredom can kill you.

7. America was discovered by no one

America map

Very complicated scientific technologies like the carbon dating etc will prove that America wasn’t discovered by anyone, it was always present.

6. A planet made of milk chocolate

chocolate planet

Mouth watering to even think about it, right? Astronomers will soon come to know of a planet made entirely of milk chocolate. This planet will be very far from our earth, so we won’t be able to get the chocolate from there. It is possible that the Federal authorities will carry out investigations of the possibility that famous chocolate manufacturers around the world knew about it, but did not tell the world, as many chocolate bars are named on planets etc like “Milky Way” and “Mars.”

5. Omegagool


Numbers are infinite. No they are not! Science is going to soon discover the highest number, so the concept that numbers are infinite is wrong, as they apparently do have an end.

Famous algebra teacher Mr. Sigda says, “The concept of infinite numbers really was overly optimistic and kind of silly when you sit down and think about it.”

4. Names can harm people


A discovery made by chiropractors shows that some names can cause harm to people. Psychologists and psychiatrists will definitely agree with this point.  Some of those harmful names are Dummy, Stretch, Big Nose, Myrtle, Four-Eyes, Pinko and Bill.

3. Ancient Greeks are Fictitious

ancient greek writing

People who are skeptical about studying history and think that it is of no use should again think about it. A new discovery will suggest that ancient Greeks never actually existed and they are fictitious, made up by the ancient Romans.

2. Coldest place on Earth


Scientists will discover an area of about three acres in Antarctica where the temperature of minus 147 degrees Fahrenheit is maintained all year around. It is going to be “Bitterbitterbitterburg.”  It is amazing to think that such a low temperature be present somewhere on our earth.

1. One day animals will be able to speak your language


This research is going to cost many billion dollars, but the results will be shocking. In the coming several hundred years, every creature on Earth will be able to speak, as they would develop language skills. Imagine animals talking to you! More studies will show that squirrels will be able to speak Spanish very fluently; dogs and wolves will be able to speak English with a slight Irish accent; cats of every size will be able to speak French; and fish will be able to speak German. Sometime in the future, you would get to know what languages other animals would speak.