There is no doubt in saying that parents are the biggest gifts a person can have. Usually it is said that mothers are more loving than fathers, but indeed this is a misconception because fathers love their children equally. When it comes to the Fathers day, then you can show love to your father in the simplest way possible. You do not have to show your love by giving them expensive gifts. The best thing which you can do is to keep the gift simple and plain. Below is the list of Top 10 Fathers Day Gifts Under $25:

10. A Book or DVD

A very good thing to do on the Fathers day is to gift him a book or DVD which he likes the most. Everyone knows what their fathers like or dislike. If in any case you don’t know a lot about his preferences, then the best thing to do in this regard is to ask your mother about it.

9. Warm ‘n’ Baste Set

This gift can prove to be very effective in making your father happy. It will prove to be more impressive, if your father loves to barbecue. The cost of this gift is just $17, but the advantages are numerous. This set is very useful in keeping different sauces and marinades warm at all times.

8. Shaving Kit

Whether your dad spends a very busy time schedule or he remains mostly outside town, he will surely love this gift. Shaving is indeed the thing which all men prefer to do at one time or the other. The shaving kit which you will easily find within $25 is The Anthony Logistics Shaving Kit. It is an all-in-one kit which contains a shaving cream, a facial scrub, a shave balm and some pre-shave oil samples.

7. Gorillapod Tripod

This gift would help your photography-loving father to save all his memories. The entire tripod has been designed to give perfect and high quality photographs. The legs of this gadget can make the camera rotate to 360 degrees, so that any type of shot can be taken from any angle. The price of this tripod is nearly $25.

6. Legal Paperweight

The primitive days have been far gone now, in which abstract paperweights were made in the art classes to be gifted on the Fathers day. This legal paperweight would indeed make your father’s desk accessories complete and the best thing about this gift is that it would always remind your father about your never ending love for him.

5. Corona Beers Glasses Party Pack

This gift is available for less than $25 and your father can have a relaxing day while enjoying his favorite beer in these stylish beer glasses. The pack includes 16 beer glasses, a bar towel, and four coasters. Some other things are also available in the pack. How wonderful this gift would prove to be?

4. JC Penney Beeper

Whether your father is a corporate analyst or an industrialist, he won’t be able to go anywhere without the car keys. You must take advantage and gift your father the spectacular JC Penney Beeper which beeps back on the sound of a whistle with the cost of less than $25. This key finder would indeed prove to be very relaxing for your father, as his worries about the car keys would be gone forever.

3. Tweezerman Deluxe Grooming Kit

You can also gift this grooming kit to your dad as it includes a number of things which are to be used by your father more often. This kit has a very stylish and stainless storage case containing nail clippers, a file, nose hair scissors and stainless tweezers. The price of this kit is below $25. This gift would indeed make your father happy, as these little joys are necessary pre-requisites for a happy life.

2. A watch

This gift is surely to be liked by all fathers. There are many different types of watches that are available in the market in different prices. You can gift your father a watch that would most suit his personality and liking. You can also find some really good watches at a discount store or even on many online shopping stores.

1. Golf Match

You can make the Fathers day very special for your dad, by arranging a quick nine holes golf match. There are a number of golf courses that provide very attractive packages for golfing and might include a free golf cart rental, all in the $25 budget. This match would indeed prove to be very joyous for your father. If your father is not used to golfing, then again it is a bright chance for you to develop his interest in this fine and healthy sport.