Summer is back and seems to be hotter than ever. The scorching sun’s heat gets to your nerves. You can’t get rid of the sun, and you can’t stop going out. So what to do in this extreme heat? Well, don’t worry as today we have a list of Top 10 Tips to Beat the Heat. This list will help you survive through this summer. Check the tips out!

10. Don’t Check the Temperature


This one is quite logical: if you won’t know how hot it actually is, you won’t feel the heat that much. Apart from logic a study also proves this fact. Cyclists were examined in different temperatures and it was noted that the ones who knew the actual temperature experienced heat fatigue more. So to prevent yourself from unnecessary heat fatigue, just ignore the temperature. It will make you feel a lot more relaxed.


9.  Freeze Water in Milk Containers

milk carton

Whenever you take some cold drinks outdoors, the only thing that remains after some time is the ‘drinks’, while the ‘cold’ is dissipated somewhere. So how to keep your cold drinks cold? Well, you can achieve that by using ice. You can get a lot of ice and can save money too (you won’t have to buy ice) by simply freezing water in some old milk cartons. As they are blocky they can be placed easily in the cooler. You can always break this block of ice into smaller pieces. Easy and inexpensive!


8. Keep Yourself Hydrated


Always make sure to keep yourself hydrated. Drink water, fresh fruit juices or even soda whenever you are thirsty. Whatever you do just avoid dehydration.


7. Avoid Bugs


Bugs always come with summers. And they are obviously very annoying. So avoid these bugs easily and quickly by using a DEET-based bug spray as it is most effective. You can also make your own citronella candles, outdoor torches, and bug traps. And use chalk to get rid of ants.


6. Cool Off Your Car

Cars in summer

In hot summer days when you park your car outside even for a minute it turns burning hot. It is even impossible to sit in it. Letting your car cool off obviously takes some time. But here is a time saver Japanese tip to cool your car quickly and easily. Just open the two parallel doors of the car, then start opening and closing the doors repeatedly for about five times. Doing this would push the warm air out and cool air in.


5. Make Sure To Stay Cool When Sleep

bed sheets

The summer’s heat makes it really difficult to sleep. And not sleeping enough at night makes you irritable, thus ruining your whole day. So here are some tips which you can use solve the heat problem: you can make your own air conditioner, or use a cooling pillow for example the Chillow, or place your sheets in the fridge before you go to sleep. You can try all these methods and then decide which method suits you the best.


4. Prevent Your Computer From Overheating

overheated laptop

An overheated computer can start a fire – in your computer case! So it is very important to keep your computer cool, especially when the weather is hot and if your room is not air conditioned. You can also get your PC cleaned of dust, as a clean pc run a cooler. Many other tips are present which you can use to keep your PC cooler.


3. Use the Heat to in a Positive Way


Understand thermodynamics and use the heat in a beneficial way. It can make your life a lot easier as you can get to know how to open jars more easily utilizing the heat, or how to dress to stay cooler, and how to keep your house cool.


2. Get to Know Your Sunscreen


Sunscreen works differently than how you think it does. Some of the sunscreens do not work at all, so you should make sure the one you are buying actually works, otherwise you would only be wasting your money, time and energy.  Make sure you buy a sunscreen that has both zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Please also get to know what SPF stands for. As most of the people think, SPF is not a sunscreen power meter. It is the measure of how long your sunscreen would last before you are required to reapply it.


1. Get to Know Your Body’s Cooling Spots for Easy and Quick Temperature Reduction

cooling spots

You can quickly reduce the temperature of your body if you know the temperature cooling spots on your body. Your neck, wrists, top of your feet and insides of your ankles etc are the cooling spots. Just make sure to cool those areas (using ice packs etc) and your whole body will be cooled off easily and quickly.