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Top 10 Ways to Improve Fuel Economy

by Syed - on Jul 31st 2012 - Comments Off

As ethanol production and its usage has expanded from place to place inside the United States as well as other countries, an even increasing public discussion and media attention are now focusing various dimensions that are involved in the consumption of fuel. Among all the matters that are under heavy debate these days, is the matter...

Top 10 Super Hero Movies of all Time

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In the movies like Batman Begins, Incredible Hulk, Dark Knight, Iron Man and others, we saw all the U.S super heroes went global and even intergalactic. All these movies contest a simplistic version of patriotism and disqualification of the other one. The trend of super heroes may seem to be a new one, but in fact this concept has been...

10 Hottest and Sexiest Red Head Actresses and Models

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You know what they say about red heads? You can call them ginger girls, blue bells, or whatever. No matter what levels of acting skills they possess, their looks are the most exotic of them all. Although there are some countries which adopt a prejudicial approach against the people with red heads, still they have been able to make their...

Top 10 Most Decorated and Celebrated Olympians of All Times

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Olympics and world championship medals are the most reliable markers of greatness. For the team athletes, this form of greatness shows up in all-star-picks, national team selection, and in honors of specific positions like best defensive player, best pitcher, best quarter back and the most decorated player of the all times. There is no...

Top Ten Tourist Attractions in the World

by Syed - on Jul 26th 2012 - 2 Comments

Tourism is a major economic activity in many countries. There are countries that heavily rely on tourism as their main economic activity owing to the fact that they do not have any other viable economic activity to undertake. Different regions of the world are blessed with natural physical attractions that attract tourist from around...

Top 10 Boxing Matches of All Time

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Boxing is surely the most dangerous form of all games that are being played. The inception of this sport took place many decades back. Since then numerous great boxing matches and rumbles have took place which are still remembered for their brutality and ruthlessness. Indeed, being ruthless is the demand of this sport and for this purpose...

Top 10 Weird Body Bugs

by Syed - on Jul 20th 2012 - Comments Off
Cockroach Mites

The purpose of this top ten ranking is to impart some knowledge to our readers about some of the most itchy and weird unknown bugs. Some of the living organisms on this earth have the ability to survive in even the most extreme of conditions. Just as we depend on other organisms and animals for our survival, similarly there are numerous...

Top 10 Most Dangerous Prisons in the World

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There is not a single person on this planet who can claim that he or she truly and innately would love to go into a prison. If any person truly desires for this, then indeed he or she would be a paranoid or schizophrenic. Being in a jail is not the biggest problem, but surviving in the jail really is. Indeed it requires a lot of guts...