You know what they say about red heads? You can call them ginger girls, blue bells, or whatever. No matter what levels of acting skills they possess, their looks are the most exotic of them all. Although there are some countries which adopt a prejudicial approach against the people with red heads, still they have been able to make their mark. In terms of personality features, these actresses are marked by their serenity and temperament. (I know most of you would disagree with this). No worries, as it is your right to question everything that is beautiful and out of the world. In formulating this list I have tried to share with you their biographies and some information about their acting careers. In fact you really owe it to yourself for viewing and inspiring these red head beauty bombs. Now, some of these actresses have original red hair, while others use it to enhance their psychic and physical appearance. Let’s talk a look at the list to understand what in fact I am talking about. Below is the list of the top 10 hottest and sexiest red head actresses and models.

10. Amy Adams

She had started out her acting career in the year 1995, but it took her a long time to make her mark in the acting industry. The movie which turned her acting pursuit was “Junebug”. “The red hair has changed my life forever”. This is what Amy had to say for a famous magazine a few years back. Amy has also stated that she is proud of her color, as it is one of the most desired colors in the world. The red head radiance icon further added that women all around the world should try this color one time or the other in their lives.

9. Alyssa Campanella

Known all around the globe for her fiery and auburn hair, the former Miss USA Pageant was actually a blonde. It all started six years back when she had first changed her hair color. On the huge response she had received for her new and engineered looks, Alyssa had stated that the red color has really brought out the real me. This is in fact the prime reason for which she loves being a red head. Not to forget that her date, Torrance Coombs, also loves the way she looks.

8. Rachel Nichols

At number 8 we have the Star Trek ravisher, Rachel Nichols. She looked sensational in her red head role for the movie and of course the tight clothing also did its part. As most of you might know that she is an American Actress and super model who has also starred in the fourth season of “Sex and the City”. With a lot more to come in her movie career, it can be said that Rachel is really onto something right now. In addition, her fans all around the world have just one thing to say for her i.e. keep it tight and colored, Rachel.

7. Lily Cole

Lily Cole is yet another super model read head girl. She had started her acting career in TV series “Doctor Who”. Later onwards she had also managed to get a role in the movies like “The Moth Diaries” and “There Be Dragons”. In fact she has quite a bright Hollywood career to boot for. Contrary to what most people might think about her, Lily’s red hair has never proved to be so accommodating for her in the past, as she had been bullied many a times for this hair color. In this regard she had also stated that this form of bullying should be stamped and kicked out just like the concept of racism. But now she has realized that in fact it is the red hair that comes to add the magnetism to her personality.

6. Isla Fisher

Known for her comedic roles in the movies like “Scooby Doo”, “Hot Rod”, “Crashers” and “Confessions of a Shopaholic”, Isla is marked by the best read hair shades all over the world. It is because of her fair skin and exotic eyes, that she is now all loaded up for conquering the reins among the all times famous red heads. Isla is no doubt positively gorgeous and hot.

5. Rose McGowan

At number 5 we have yet another American actress and singer who had dyed for her in a number of red color shades. Sometime her looks go Brunette and sometimes blonde, but mostly it remains fiery red. As a matter of fact there are only a few actresses like McGowan who are the most fun to watch. All around the world there are a number of girls who endeavor to have the same flame like looks of Rose.

4. Emma Stone

At number 4 we have Emma Stone who loves to change her color to red more often. All the credit goes to Tracey Cunningham who does all the coloring thingy. In fact Emma believes that this color acts as her signature over all other actresses in the industry. She might be right, as till now she has been able to make a mark on the industry with their red and hot chili pepper looks. The US weekly magazine had stated that Emma loves to go back to the red color time and again, as she feels more comfortable psychologically in this color. Although she has changed her hair color for her latest high grossing movie “The Amazing Spiderman”, but still she loves the ref fiery hue.

3. Christina Hendricks

One of the most celebrated, in fact decorated TV actresses, Christina Hendricks is yet another red head scarlet beauty. There is no doubt in saying that it was her flaming hair color and beauty that empowered her to steal all the TV fans. Not to forget that till now, her looks have also graced some of the top notch fashion magazines. What’s more interesting is the fact that she gave the red look to her hair, as she was inspired from a fictional character named “Anne of Green Gables”. Further she added that as soon as she absorbed the red carrot look into her personality, she has always been over the moon.

2. Cintia Dicker

At number 2 we have the Brazilian model and scoop celebrity who has done a number of ads for “Aerie Lingerie”. Known as the Brazilian miracle beauty and modeling icon, Cintia, in fact has an affinity for nudity as most of the people say. But she should never be embarrassed for this, as most of the top Hollywood actresses do it all the time. In fact, she is one of those beauties who embrace their physical features fully. With her red fiery hair and her limber tummy, she rightly deserves this spot.

1.   Scarlett Johansson

At number 1 we have the black widow and red head girl, Scarlett Johansson. She is presently among the ravishing redheads and one of the must watch women for the year 2012. Truly defining this redhead is quite a difficult task, as words fall short of her torrid looks and attitude. Presently, there are only a few girls so hot and aphrodisiac like Scarlett Johansson.

Scarlett Johansson