Olympics are indeed the world’s leading festival of sports held after regular time intervals in different locations. The Olympic Games serve as a collective and social embodiment of sporting ideals belonging to different regions of the world. In other words, these games provide an opportunity of uniting the best athletes under one umbrella. The ideals of these games are traced back to their origins in the land of Greece where it all had started. The Olympics 2012 would be indeed framed by something new and provocative than before. All the ceremonies would be attended by thousands and would be seen by billions in all the corners of the world. It would be spectacular to watch the athletes carrying the flames across hundreds of miles from one city to another. It can be rightly said that the Olympics this year would have an aura and an innate aspect of the sacred when viewed in the broader sense. For those readers who view sports as a primitive activity of harnessing bodily prowess and strength, the Olympics 2012 has a lot in store for them. Spectators and fans spread worldwide have their eyes set on the hub of England, London which would be hosting this legendary event. No matter what ever the hosting countries of the Olympics say, it is quite substantiated that there are a number of economic, social and political advantages embedded in hosting the games. Not surprisingly, there are a number of interesting facts and details about the Olympics which should be considered for this year. Below is the list of top 10 interesting facts about Olympics 2012.



10. Opening Day

The opening of the Olympics has been scheduled for 27th July. This would be the third time when the country would be hosting the Olympics. Before this, the Olympics have been held in Great Britain in the years 1908 and 1948. This fact indeed elucidates the importance of the city in terms of hosting prestigious events. The month of July seems to have some connection with Olympics, as the 1948 Olympics had also started in the month of July. One can only speculate the awe inspiring atmosphere that would be created on the day when it will all begin again.

9. Diffused Hosting

The games will not be hosted in only a specific area, but in many other areas of the city which would be used for the games. All the spectators would be able to witness their favorite games in different areas of the park without any form of rush. There are also many other stadiums and locations that would be used for arranging the games like the Wembley Stadium, Hyde’s Park Serpentine Lake and other prime spots. This strategy is used in order to distribute the tourist inflows and also because of many other economic reasons.

8. Olympic Stadium

The Olympic Stadium has been constructed using a number of special materials, thus making it the lightest stadium ever to host the Olympics. With a capacity of accommodating nearly 80,000 spectators, nearly fourteen lighting towers have been added along the sides in order to provide a clear view for the games that would be played in the evening and night times. More than 2500 tons of steel has been used in the making of the upper structure and support system of the stadium, thus making it one of the most expensive stadiums of all times. Nearly 5500 individuals were hired in order to pacify the construction process. No doubt this stadium has been the target of a number of conspiracies lately, but it is still one of the most enthralling stadiums to be ever built.


7. The Biggest Ever Worldwide Broadcast

The main press center of the city would be functioning 24 hours a day in order to provide the maximum coverage. It is said that the Olympics 2012 would be unique, as they would be viewed by a never before population all around the world. Nearly 20,000 individuals including photographers and others would be working day and night in order to extend the transmission of the games to nearly 4 billion viewers worldwide. In addition, more and more journalists are entering the city in order to get their share in the photographing the biggest Olympic moments.

6. The Biggest Green House

For the purpose of making a clean and green environment, the authorities have planted thousands of trees and plants all around the city in order to give a new and reverent look to the games this year, thus making the city as the world’s biggest green house. According to a number of sources, it is quite substantiated now that the government has planned to make the Olympics a dynamic symbol and an example for everyone to follow. Over the past few months, the city has been cleaned more than usual and the recycling laws have also been made strict, just for making the Olympics 2012 more greener than ever. As soon as this big event would be initiated the transportation system would also be mobilized and further controlled. But only the upcoming days will decide the fate of the government plans in making the Olympics 2012 memorable.

5. The Olympic Flame Trip

The oldest and most honored symbol of the Olympic Games, the Olympic Flame would be journeyed all around the world for a period of 70 days until it reaches its final destination. In contrast to the previous year, this year nearly 8000 individuals would be honored to have a chance of being the torchbearers. A number of legendary athletes like Sir Roger Bannister and many others have played their part in being the torch bearers this year. In terms of symbolism, the purpose of these torches is to exhibit strength, worldwide friendship and a never ending excellence. Also, the gold color of the flame signifies the qualities of the games that are played in the Olympics. Not to forget the numerous incidents reported when the torches were being carried to their destined locations.

4. The Used Sports Equipment

The equipment which would be used in the Olympics has been scheduled for being distributed to various charitable organizations all around the world after the ending of the event. This would be a great opportunity for the children living in these charity homes to use the equipment belonging to some of the greatest athletes in the world. In addition, the equipment would also be sold in order to get some heavy funds for the purpose of charity.

3. Economic Boost

The Olympics 2012 has provided a new economic boost to the economy of the country. This is primarily due to the investment which has been made in the games by other top notch countries. London would indeed get the most out of this economic boost and it has been estimated that the growth would pass the $ 80 billion mark. For the purpose of managing the Olympics, more than 15,000 jobs have also been provided to the citizens. So, it is quite corroborated now that hosting the Olympics is not just a matter of choosing a safe location, but for also providing number of political and economic advantages to the selected location. Consequently, an unusually increased uprising has been seen in the output that is produced from the factories which has now grown to be more than 3 percent than usual. More than 6 categories and sectors in the domain of manufacturing have shown a tremendous growth in the past few months which indeed marks the arrival of the Olympics.

2. Total Cost of the entire Olympics Project

With a great amount of investment from the citizens of the country, the cost of the project has crossed the £ 20 billion line. It is also being speculated that the cost is much more than the mentioned amount, but the government is trying to conceal this fact. Before the selection of London for hosting the Olympics, a number of bids were also placed by many other countries like France, Russia, America, and some more. The proposed amounts are not known exactly, but it is said that they were quite near to the one proposed by London. Paris and Madrid were the top competitors in the bids, but had ultimately lost to the proposals put forward by London. Madrid was eliminated in the 3rd round of the voting process and Paris was eliminated in the 4th round.

1.    Number of Olympic Sports

After excluding a number of sports from the Olympics 2012, it is now final that nearly 26 sports would be played in this mega summer event. The major games like baseball and softball have been also excluded from the Olympics 2012 schedule due to some major reasons. There are also chances the number of the sports that would be played in the year 2016 in the Olympics 2012 would reach to 28 and may be 30. The major factor that determines the inclusion criteria is the fact that in how many countries they game is played. For a sport to be selected, it must be played in at least 75 countries across all the four major continents of the world. The sports like swimming, volleyball, BMX, jumping, water polo, boxing, football, judo, tennis, archery and many more would be played in the Olympics. The sports which have not been included for the Olympics this year are rugby union, softball, golf, ice hockey, figure skating etc. Let us now wait and see that form of entertainment the included games would provide to the billions of viewers.