10. Be yourself – in order to achieve anything in life, you need to be authentic and true to whom you are. This allows people to understand who you are at the core while allowing you the freedom to be yourself. How can you achieve authenticity this year around?

9. Your name is the brand- this speaks your reputation. How are you guarding it? Does you work ethic need some fine tuning? Are you working to the best of your abilities towards your dreams or you day job? Are you building healthy and long lasting professional networks? Is your success the same as the shadow of your brand reputation?

8. Waste no time combating haters- do what you do because without your haters, you wouldn’t be who you are. Let them be your motivators.

7. Make sure your man is committed to your success- Does your spouse believe in you and your dreams? Is he committed? Better yet, have you had that talk with him about your life path? Now is a good time to do that if you haven’t.

6. Position yourself for the job you want- While your job may come with ups and downs, act like you have the best job in the world. Identify your goals and work backwards. This will help you have fun and adventure in the course of work.

5. Choose careers that you love and you would focus on fulfilling their values rather than fulfilling financial gain- at the same time you should be unapologetic about the desire to earn high income to avoid financial disappointment.

4. Be always in a position where you can list your accomplishments when you need a pay rise- you should be capable of stating why you are hoping to increase your salary. Also state that you would like to discuss your future there because you love your job. Do not be consumed by fear when asking for a pay rise.

3. Constantly develop a skill for developing your sense of humour and know when to avoid taking things personally- don’t assume that certain things are happening to you simply because you are woman and understand that it’s a common occurrence.

2. Develop willingness to step outside a comfort zone- once you are out of comfort you will adapt to working in highly competitive working environments

1. Resilience after setbacks- recovering from difficult circumstances will motivate you to go for higher tasks and even more risky.