Tourism is a major economic activity in many countries. There are countries that heavily rely on tourism as their main economic activity owing to the fact that they do not have any other viable economic activity to undertake. Different regions of the world are blessed with natural physical attractions that attract tourist from around the world. While most are purely natural features, others were formed many decades ago as a result of earth movement. Still there are man-made tourist attractions designed in unique ways that also attract tourists.Among many tourist attraction centers available all over the globe, there are those attractions that have continued to attract millions of tourists year in year out. The numbers of tourists visiting such attractions are in millions annually.

1.    One such attraction is the Niagara Falls. Lying across the borders of USA and Canada, Niagara is a massive water fall with a height of over one hundred feet. What is spectacular about it is the power with which the water falls to the ground. Niagara Falls attracts over twenty two million tourists annually.


2.    Reputed to be the most magical location on earth, the Disney Magic Kingdom in Orlando in the USA attracts over sixteen million tourists from around the world annually. Although the park initially featured the over one hundred feet Cinderella’s castle, different paths have been added. Such include the path leading to the newly created “The Pirates of the Caribbean”.


3.    Commonly referred to as the Sin City, the city of Las Vegas in USA is a popular tourist destination in the world. The Las Vegas strip in particular attracts millions of tourists with the money to spend. The city is famous for its exceptional shopping and gambling outlets in addition to wonderful fountains. The city also boasts of movie activities and has several theatres. The city attracts slightly over twenty nine million tourists annually. To cater for the needs of such a large number of visitors, the city boasts of some of the best hotels, resorts and other accommodations facilities one can find.

4.    Perhaps the only place that attracts the most number of tourists in any given year is the Times Square in New York City, USA. Times Square attracts nearly forty millions tourists annually. Most of the tourists visit for the city’s Broadway shows, shopping from the many megastores and the sheer spectacle that the city offers. Majority of tourists who visit Time Square never fail to visit the Central Park in Manhattan area. Covering about 850 acres of prime land, the park is complete with a zoo, the 19th century Belvedere Castle and great lawns. Central Park attracts about twenty six million tourists annually.

5.    Covering an area of over 400,000 square meters, the Tiananmen Square in Beijing, China is the largest square in the world and attracts millions of tourists from across the globe. Within the square are to be found the Tiananmen Tower, Mao Zedong Memorial Hall, National Museum and the People’s Heroes monument at the center.

6.    Home to top aquariums in Japan, the Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise is a top tourist attraction in the world. Surrounded by nature, the amusement park offers visitors the opportunity to partake in an exhilarating vertical fall ride. It also includes other facilities.

7.    Great Smoky Mountains National Park found in both Tennessee and North Carolina is one of the top tourist attractions that attract millions of tourists from around the world. The park is world famous for its rich life diversity including of animal and plant life.

8.    Found in Egypt on the African continent, the Pyramids attract millions of tourists from across the world annually. Apart from the Pyramids, there are other many attractions nearby.

9.    Located between Zambia and Zimbabwe, the Victoria Falls continues to attract millions of tourists who visit for its purity and beauty. It at the top of the fall that one of the world’s natural swimming pools – the Devil’s Swimming Pool is to be found.

10.    The Roben Island in South Africa continues to be one of the top tourist attractions in the world. It is the Island that is home to the prison in which Nelson Mandela, South Africa’s first black president was detained for many decades before the end of apartheid.

Although these are some of the world’s top tourist attractions in terms of the number of tourists who visit the same, there are also other unique tourist attractions in different parts of the world that do not necessarily attract millions of tourists.