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10 Things to do Before You Die

by Syed - on Aug 30th 2012 - Comments Off

What is death? What is life after death? Death is not that easy as most of you might think. It is more agonizing than the pain and anguish which you experience while placing your hand in a fire. I bet that no one of you would love to die a pointless death. You are born, you grow up, you work, you marry and you die. Is this the essence...

Top 10 Secret Tourist Destinations You Should See

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The tourism industry is quite difficult to define and to measure. You might have got the chance to be a part of the some of the most visited tourist destinations. But the purpose of this list is to bring to light some of the secret tourist destinations that would have never heard of. There is a misconception these days that only the sites...

Top 10 Best Companies to Work For

by Syed - on Aug 29th 2012 - Comments Off

I am sure that all of you would love to work for a company that gives high pay checks, benefits, allowances, talented colleagues, healthy work environment and much more. Well, keeping the present times of the worldwide economic meltdown I have made this list that would help you in finding the right job, a job that will be in all in one...

Top 10 Most Amazing and Beautiful Underwater Animals

by Syed - on Aug 28th 2012 - Comments Off

Surely, there are a number of misconceptions that we have in found about some of the underwater animals. The main reason why such false interpretations arose in our mind is because of the horror movies we have seen. In some ways, these movies have indoctrinated our minds and have also taken us away from the realms of truth. In reality,...

Top 10 Best Samsung Galaxy S3 Covers and Cases

by Syed - on Aug 27th 2012 - Comments Off

Samsung Galaxy S3 is marked by its superior quad core processing, superb battery life, excellent front screen, top notch media management and much more, thus making one of the best smartphones ever to be made. Surely, the features of this smartphone give it a cutting edge in comparison to all other phones in the market. The company claims...

10 Things Successful People Do Differently

by Syed - on Aug 27th 2012 - Comments Off

To begin with, let us take into account what successful people have and others do not. Most of the intellectuals assert that the successful people are predisposed to a number of rare talents or they have the skills waxed in them from the times of their birth. But in reality, this argument is not too much convincing and also damages the...

Top 10 Cheapest Countries in the World for Petrol 2012

by Syed - on Aug 25th 2012 - Comments Off

The fuel and diesel prices of the motor vehicles have shown a dramatic change in the past few years. As asserted by the various reports published in the United States, the gasoline prices have more than doubled between the years 2003 and 2008. Clearly, fuel prices have now become an emotional issue all around the world. Policy makers...

Top 10 Most Interesting Facts about Barack Obama

by Syed - on Aug 25th 2012 - 1 Comment

The most number of accounts about the sudden rise of Barack Obama are believed to have started in Boston in the year 2004. Known as the “Guru of Petitions”, the President of the United States of America is one of the most energetic leaders of the activists. The main reason behind the success of Obama in the U.S is the advertisement...