You might have searched for some dream interpretation dictionary in order to understand the meaning of your dreams, whether random or logical. A great deal of information has been collected and organized in order to understand the meaning of dreams. Dreams are important to us all because of the access we are able to get to our psychic levels. Every time you see a dream, there are a number of dream images that leave their mark on your mind. Although recalling our dreams is not an easy task, still it can help us in the better understanding of our selves. The focus of my article is to bring forward some dream interpretation meanings. Dreams interpretation is not an easy task. Likewise, not every psychologist or dream analyst is trained to understand the exact meaning and direct of your dreams. In reality, you and you only can analyze your dreams in a more effective way. But this would require some prior knowledge about the symbols and dream images that help you in understanding the dream meaning. Here is the list of the top 10 dream interpretations, common dreams and their meanings.

10. Missing Something

We often dream of missing something related to our daily lives like missing a bus, train or any important exam. No matter how hard we try, we are unable to reach in time and find ourselves running for it. At the same time, most of the people also report that their speed of walking also seems to slow down as soon as they get near the desired thing or image. The most accepted meaning of this dream, as asserted by a number of dream analysts and religious materials, is that we fear to miss out an important opportunity or a chance in your life.

9. Car Accidents or Troubles

In these types of dreams, we often find ourselves tangled in between a car accident. For example, while driving we find out that the brakes have been failed and that we are going to die. It is indeed one of the most common forms of nightmares reported by a number of people. The meaning is marked by the feeling of being powerless or the feeling of being incapacitated our lives.

8. Failing an Important Exam or a Test

It is one of those dreams which most of the students experience at one time or the other in their lives. You might find yourself in a number of different situations and scenarios. In reality, these dreams reflect the fear of failing and are being constantly tested in your life. There is nothing wrong in this dream, as it is a sign that you fear failure and want to achieve something.


7. Lost at Some Place

Most of the people, especially adults report that they often see themselves lost or trapped in some place and are unable to get out no matter how much hard they try. For example, you may be lost in a forest, maze, unknown neighborhood and other similar places. The most probable meaning of this dream is that you are unable to take an important decision in your life and are looking for a way out.

6. Flying

Now here we have the dream which almost all of us experience. In these dreams we often leek that we are a super hero and are flying in order to save someone. At the same time, sometimes we also find ourselves flying and then falling. In simple words, we are unable to fly or to escape from something as it draws near. The probable meanings of this dream are freedom, doing something which others cannot do or the desire of being creative. Based on the Christian Dream Interpretations it may reflect the need to have everything which one desires heavily.

5. Infinitum or Limbo

In these types of dreams we find ourselves walking and walking on a pathway which leads to nowhere. It is just like the lowest level of the dreams as shown in the movie “Inception”. At this level which is known as the stage of limbo, we just go and go and go endlessly. Now the meaning of this dream is the fear of paralysis or feeling stuck in any situation of our lives. Islamic dream interpretations also assert the exact same thing.

4. Death

One of the most moderately common and reported dream is marked by mental and unconscious images about our death. In addition, we also find ourselves ill and disabled. The meaning of this dream is pretty obvious i.e. fear of death or a possible risk to your health. It may also reflect the fear of losing a loved one just like children who often report to see the death of their parents and siblings.

3. Nudity or Sexual Dreams

Not only men, but also women report of seeing this dream very often. On a constant ratio, women see these dreams more than men. The meaning of such dreams is marked by the feeling of shame and disgrace in which you often find yourself naked in the presence of others. Furthermore, it may also mean that you are constantly feeling exposed and vulnerable to others. Interestingly, it is also reported by women and men who are about to get married.

2. Being Chased

The dreams of being chased are equally reported by adults and children. In it we find ourselves being chased by an animal or any paranormal figure. Now, the meaning of this dream is quite different for adults and children. If you are a grown up and see this dream very often, then it means that you are trying to escape from something which you think can be harmful to you. For the children, it is merely of reflection of fears incorporated in their psyche by their parents and friends.

1.    Falling Uncontrollably

A number of myths and legends are there which were formulated in order to answer the purpose of such dreams. While falling in our dream, we see that we are going down at a very fast pace and are unable to control ourselves. Similarly, we may also find ourselves sinking into the sea. The meaning of such dreams is simply that you are in a big problem and required re-evaluation. Some of the dream analysts also assert that such dreams may also reflect some sort of real life phobia.