The most number of accounts about the sudden rise of Barack Obama are believed to have started in Boston in the year 2004. Known as the “Guru of Petitions”, the President of the United States of America is one of the most energetic leaders of the activists. The main reason behind the success of Obama in the U.S is the advertisement strategies which he used. You might remember the floods and floods of TV and radio advertisements which he used to attract the masses. Furthermore, the success of this guy can be attributed to the previous President, George W. Bush. It was because of his ineffective and militant strategies that the people were forced to look for a change. So, Obama was the only one to respond to the voice of the nation and to improvise this opportunity. Now there he is, The President of the strongest nation in the world. For those who are interested to know more about President Obama, I have created a list of the top 10 most interesting facts about Barack Obama. Let’s take a look at it.

10. Obama’s Smoking Habit

President Obama accepts it openly that he is a smoker. It is said that he has been smoking from the times he was a fresh graduate. So that is indeed a large time span and it can really become difficult to quit this habit. The exact time when he started smoking has not been mentioned by the President, but it is believed that it was in the times when he was at the Occidental College in the year 1980. Furthermore, he had shared with the Men’s Health Magazine that he typically smoked nearly 3 cigarettes per day. Sometimes he also smoked nearly 8 per day as stated by himself. Michelle Obama stated that Barack is now trying to quit this habit, as their daughters are growing up and would not want their dad to be engaged in such a habit.

9.  Obama Loves to be a Story Teller

On returning home from the tiresome day long politics and anxieties, it has been reported the President Obama reads out stories to her elder daughter, Malia. The story which she loves the most is about Harry Potter. It is quite clear that Malia is the most beloved daughter of Obama which is the prime reason why President Obama often tells his younger daughter to follow Malia.

8. Obama is Quite Romantic

Michelle Obama stated that her husband is a quite romantic guy. President Obama has been seen a number of times in a romantic mood with his wife. Nearly 20 years have passed since the marriage of the two, but still there relationship is stronger than ever. Most of the people these days are also interested to know about the secrets behind the White House Romantic relation.

7. Obama’s Origins

He was in Honolulu on the 4th of August, 1961. He also happens to first president of the U.S to be born in the land of Hawaii. His mother was born in Kansas, while his father was from a Kenyan origin. His father had later on died in a car accident in the year 1982.

6. Obama Has Used Drugs in the Past

Obama had clearly written in his book “Dreams from My Father” that he has an experience of using cocaine as well marijuana, but never used heroine. The main reason for which he did not use heroin was that he did not like the person who was selling it to him. It is clear that the actions were merely the struggles of a teenage boy which can be better understood by the fact that his drug habits did not persist.

5. He Overpays his Taxes

One of the best things which I found in my research about Obama is that he loves to pay extra for his taxes. In simple words, it means that he always pay more than the specified amounts. Now that is indeed a habit which can be seen in a very few number of people including the U.S President and President of Iran. Obama believes that the extra amount which he pays in taxes is always out to good use from the side of the government.

4. Obama was An Excellent Student

Obama was an excellent student in times of his graduation. In addition, he had also excelled a lot in basketball. Although he had a number of problems at the time of his parent’s divorce, but still he never lost hope in his abilities to change the course of his life.

3. Obama’s IQ

The famous historian Michael Beschloss had told on a radio talk show that Obama’s IQ is the highest ever to be recorded among all the presidents of the United States. The adjectives which are often used to describe the personality features of Obama are “Smart”, “Intelligent” and “Brilliant”. At the same time, there are some baseless rumors that assert Obama is not capable of presidency but the human mind believes what it sees. It is more than visible that Obama is more than qualified for being the President of the United States. For those U.S citizens who want to see a change in their lives, it is recommended that they should keep their faith in Obama.

2. Obama faces Some Serious Opposition

It can be said that Obama is facing some serious opposition from the side of the critics. At the same time, no other President in the history of the United States has been subject to such form of opposition. The main reasons for this opposition are the waves of economic meltdown which are visible all over the U.S, but it is quite illogical to consider Obama responsible for it. The present economic crunches in the United States can be contributed to the policies of G.W. Bush for which the entire nation is paying the price till now.

1.    Undeniable Facts About Obama’s Presidency

The highest levels of child poverty have been seen in Obama’s presidency of the United States. Furthermore, more than 50 % of the college graduates are unemployed. The national debt of the country has also risen to more than $ 5 trillion since the times he took office. But yet again, Obama only cannot be held responsible for the economic crisis, as the economic policies are not subject to the control of one man. There are a number of economists and policy makers who should be held responsible for this.