Is it the end of world? Is dajjal or the antichrist going to rise? is the world going to end in 2012?  “The flood gates of the heavens have started to open and the foundations of the earth are about to shake? The world is close to its destruction. Everything you have seen, done, desired and scrutinized is about to come to an end”. This is all the non-sense which a number of fortune tellers and religious figures assert. A very similar scenario was also shown in the movie “Armageddon” which fictionalized it in a very artistic fashion. But what happened in the end? It was humanity that emerged successful. No matter what some of the scientists and philosophers claim, this is not the end of world. The Mayan Calendar indeed shows a prediction about the shifting of the poles on December 21, 2012, but there is no direct statement that the world is going to end this year. So, for those who say that the end has finally arrived, it is recommended to go and see a psychiatrist as soon as possible. Below is the list of the top 10 reasons why the world won’t end in 2012.

10. Global Warming Cannot Destroy Humanity

Although the whims and furies posed by global warming can indeed be damaging, still the intensity is not strong enough to annihilate all humanity. The destruction of the human race requires much more than just global warming. The same view is also held by a number of scientists and climatologists who are of the belief that the year 2012 will surely not be the end of the world.

9. No Nuclear War Will Occur

Just like all other baseless and dubious conceptions, the belief that the world is going to end with a nuclear war among all nations, is also a part of such paranoid behaviors. You might have seen a similar depiction in the movies like “Terminator”. But in the end, you will find that they were nothing more than fiction. Nothing can be said about the future of the nuclear war, but at least no such harm is expected to happen in 2012. In other words, nobody knows the end world.

8. Increased Radiations from the Sun will not be Catastrophic

Scientific evidence supports that the sun is now shooting gaseous plumes and harmful plasma materials into the atmosphere. But as always the earth’s protective shield is still quite strong enough to keep them out at all times. Furthermore, such activities of the sun have also been observed many a times before, which is a clear pointer that it would not result in the end of all humanity. If something would happen, then it would be in the years 2034 and 2056, but not this year.

7. The Magnetic Poles Cannot Alter the Earth’s Rotation

There are those who claim that the magnetic poles of the earth are about to see a major shift which is going to result in alteration of the earth’s orbit. This shift, in return, is going to result in some extreme changes in the climatic conditions. In addition, gravitational forces of other planets are also going to impact the earth’s gravitational pull. But as always, this is not going to happen. Quite fortunately, the position of earth and the other planets are governed by Newton’s Law of Planetary Mechanics which is widely accepted by all the top notch scientists of the world. So, the motion of the earth cannot be changed by the shifting of the poles or by a gravitational pull from any other planet.

6. Climatic Changes Occur Slowly

The movie “Day after Tomorrow” was made just for the purpose of entertainment and to create a baseless hype. For those who support the view the world is going to end abruptly as a result of changing weather conditions in the year 2012, it is recommended to follow the facts and figures. Hundreds of researches made in the domain of climatology clearly assert that the weather changes are a gradual process, normally taking decades and decades to be seen at the full intensity.

5. Fortune Tellers are Only “Sissy” Having No Evidence to Support their Claims

It is a common principle of the human psyche, that we are attracted towards those people who claim to have some hidden knowledge about the unknown. Trust me when I say, that these fortune tellers and so called predictors of humanity’s fate, have no sort of knowledge or reasons whatsoever that support the notion about the ending of the world. In reality, nobody really knows when the world is going to end.

4. Doomsday Prophecies have been constantly proved to be wrong

Before the year 2012, hundreds of predictions have been made in which specific dates were also given. It was said that the world is going to end on one of these dates, but like always no such thing happened. So why are we believing such people even today? Is this rationality or modernization? No definitely not, all such beliefs depict a primitive and irrational mindset of ours.

3. The Mayans Never Said That It Will Definitely Happen in 2012

Although the Mayans used a number of calendars for measuring short and long intervals of time, still they never said that the world is going to end suddenly. All they wanted to tell the world was simply a lesson of spiritual enlightenment. They just wanted us to reconsider our moral and spiritual boundaries in 2012. That does not appear to be so dangerous for humanity. Does it?

2.  Meteors and Asteroids Never Collide with the Earth

Now here comes again the story line of the movie “Armageddon”, but let me tell you that the asteroids and meteors are never going to impact our earth. Most of the times will approaching or earth, they are diffused down into small particles and spread out into the space. At other times, they are deviated to pass from the side of the earth. Furthermore, both these cases are quite rare to happen.

1.    The Earth Is Harder Than You Know

The earth has been here for nearly four billion years or so, withstanding a number of internal and external calamities. This is in fact a clear indicator that our world is stronger than humanity itself. The earth has even survived its impact with another planet that resulted in the formation of the moon. After hearing all these scientific and appealing reasons, if there are some who still believe that the world is going to end in the year 2012, I just want to say “Dude, you are out of your mind”. It is not the world’s end.