It is believed that one can judge the beauty of a country by evaluating the number of sexy women it has. The countries I would be sharing with you today happen to have the most bodacious and sexiest women. Some of the countries have made it our list based on the number of hottest women they have, while others have made it due to the number and quality of rare beauties they have. No doubt, most of the women used in the evaluation criteria are models and actresses. But you would be astounded to see some of those countries in the list which are just in their diapers in the fashion industry. Here is the list of the top ten countries with the sexiest women.

10. Spain

It seems all the heavenly beauties have landed in Spain. You can have an idea about this by taking a look at the picture I have shared below. After taking a look at their bodies, it is quite obvious that the credit for their tanned and aphrodisiac bodes goes to the Mediterranean beaches. All around the year you will always find hundreds of these women lying on the sandy and sunny beaches.

9. Czech Republic

It is a fact these days that some of the top models in the domain of the worldwide fashion industry come from Czech Republic. Many a years back, the country was not even in the top ten in terms of having some of the sexiest women on the planet. But now it seems like that the beauty trends have now changed. Just try to visit this country and take a stroll across the streets of Prague. You will be more than surprised to see the levels of beauty even the unknown citizens of the area have. At the same time, there is not even a single person who can come to claim that he visited the city and not even noticed a single girl. That would quite ironic, wouldn’t it?

8. South Africa

South Africa seems to be the land where a number of diverse cultures and ethnicities are found. Despite of these evolutionary differences, there is one thing which is common among all African women i.e. their exotic looks and brown skin. Not to forget their dark eyes, luscious lips and other physical features. Apart from some of the beautiful black women, you should also try to take into account the Caucasian ladies that reside in the area.

7. Colombia

For those who think that the Republic of Colombia only boasts for their worldwide exports, let me tell you that they also love to churn out for the sexiest women they have. You should not be surprised in getting to know this, as the country also shares its borders with Brazil.

6. Russia

Although the population in Russia is seem to dropping rapidly, still they happen to have a large number of beautiful women. It can be said that the combined and merged sexual appeal of Russia and Ukraine would have made them as the biggest sexual powers in the world. The modeling world of Russia has its own worth and repo in the market, all because of the number of blonde and blistering models it has.

5. Mexico

Any of you who has some sort of interest in watching the Mexican TV shows might know that the country has some of the most gorgeous women in the world. The reason why most of the people do not have an idea about the beauty of this land is because most of the women in the country do not get the levels in comparison to the women in USA, UK, Brazil and many others.

4. Australia

Although most of the Australian models do not qualify for the tag of the sexiest women, still some of them have what it takes to compensate for all the deficiencies of other women. You might have seen most of their models in swimsuits and lingerie ads which indeed expatiates their overt and covert beauties. Not to forget, that the country also boasts to have won the Miss Universe competition.

3. Egypt

The official statistics of the country assert that 97 % of all the women age between 19 to 45 years. You might be able to better understand the difference if you ever have made love with an Egyptian and European woman. The kind of eyes and other physical features found in this country are not shared by any other ethnicity in the world. You might have also seen the beauty of these women in the movies that depict the life of the ancient Egyptian Kings who craved for these women.

2. United States

With more than 7 Miss Universe Titles under its belt, The United States of American deserves the number 2nd spot. The edge which the country has over others is the number of white, blonde and black women it has. Not to forget the all-time top bikini models like Cheryl Teigs, Carol Alt and Tyra Banks all of which were termed as the hottest and most energetic women in the world.

1.    Brazil

Dozens of Brazilian women have done the lingerie ads for some of the top notch companies and organizations in the world. Most of the women found in the country are lip dropping and so exotic that you would never love to resist thinking about them. These Brazilian bombshells have the power to make anyone crave them in their dreams. So, without any sort of prejudice, Brazil deserves the number 1 spot.