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Top 10 Awesome Financial Apps for Android

by Syed - on Sep 27th 2012 - 1 Comment

Android apps development has shown some major change with the passage of time. There are a number of useful apps out on the web which can be useful to you in your everyday life. Before you plan to have some awesome financial apps for your smartphone, there are a number of dimensions that must be pondered at all times. Most of you might...

Top 10 Most Spectacular Movies You Probably Haven’t Seen

by Syed - on Sep 24th 2012 - Comments Off

The thing about the spectacular movies is that they provide entertainment regardless of the cast. Each year, we watch a number of movies. Most of us prefer to watch a movie after having an idea about their IMDB score. You might have watched a number of movies, but that is not going to be the case with the movies that I am about to share...

Top 10 Awesome Dresses of Selena Gomez

by Syed - on Sep 23rd 2012 - Comments Off

Selena Gomez is definitely known for the kind and quality of dresses she wears. Almost every girl belonging to the same age group of Selena love to follow her in terms of fashion and dressing sense. But on taking a close look at her dresses, it is clear that she loves to wear dresses which are in some ways unique and designed specifically...

Top 10 Most Interesting Unknown Facts about Adolf Hitler

by Syed - on Sep 21st 2012 - Comments Off

Adolf Hitler was surely the most brutal and inhumane person ever to be born. At one time or the other most of you might have searched on facts about Hitler. So, to make it easy for you I have made a list of the top 10 most interesting facts about Adolf Hitler. These Hitler facts are going to make it clear for you that what kind of personality...

Top 10 Most Unusual and Bizarre Tech Gadgets

by Syed - on Sep 18th 2012 - 1 Comment

When one starts getting deep into the domains of technology, then very soon one comes to get hold of this fact that there are a plethora of tech gadgets found all over the internet. Some of these gadgets are very useful, but at the same time there are those which are indeed quite bizarre and unreal. Furthermore, the bizarre tech gadgets...

10 Harsh Realities of Life that Make Us Powerful

by Syed - on Sep 16th 2012 - Comments Off

Life is not a predetermined and random series of events. It functions on your terms and the way you live it. I agree that there come times when you feel like being catapult into events and anxieties that you would have never thought of, but trust me when I say that all these realities contribute towards making us stronger. When a person...

The 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2012 – 2013

by Syed - on Sep 16th 2012 - Comments Off

Almost everyone loves to play games regardless of their age. Some play it for the sake of fun, while others for the sake of entertainment. But what they do have in common is the need of having some entertainment and a platform for honing their skills. Computer and play station games are quite an invention. Each year, all the gaming freaks...

Top 10 Best Ways for Fighting Depression

by Syed - on Sep 15th 2012 - Comments Off

You might have felt sad or “down deep into the dumps” at certain times in your life. But not to worry, as you are not alone in this problem. There are millions and millions of people in the world, who are presently suffering from depression. Things become quite difficult when the depression persists. This depression not only effectuates...