Strategy is the art of tackling and solving problems. Surely, in order to formulate a strategy, strategic thinking and moves are required at all times. Same is the case with some of the best pc real time strategy games. These games are not designed for kids, as they are quite different from the puzzle games. The main reason for which the fame of this genre has grown is due to the changing mindsets of the players. Furthermore, playing these games is like having the whole world in the control of one’s hands. I have added those games in the list which have been the best till now and I have also used some new games. Hers is the list of the top 10 best real time strategy games in 2012.

10. Port Royale 3
Port Royale 3 is a game that deals with pirates and merchants. The game play revolves around the times of the 17th century. Furthermore, they also have the choice to select any of the careers they like. In order to make the game further interesting, you would also be required to carry out trade.

9. King Arthur
The game has been designed to take you back into the settings of the ancient times. The leader of the game is Arthur himself who directs his army of knights and warriors to fight various battles. There are also a number of storylines and campaigns that have been used in it.

8. XCOM: Enemy Unknown
This game is a remake of the 1994 super hit game by the same name. It has been scheduled for release in the month of October. The game play revolves around the struggle for humanity against an alien invasion. In order to avenge the world all the countries join hands to protect the earth. Let’s wait and see what kind of response the game is going to earn.

7. Men of War
The game was released in the year 2009. The times of the World War II have been depicted in the game play. In order to make the game interesting, the players were given direct and full control of all the soldiers. The battles take place at various places including Russia, Europe, and Greece. It depends on you that which campaign and team you select from Russia, Germans and Allies.

6. Dota 2
Dota 2 is one of the most awaited RTS Game that has been scheduled for release this year. The developers of the game are the Valve Corporation. The game play makes use of some of the elements of strategy games while some from the top down games. Furthermore, the game also makes use of various combat techniques and strategies.

5. Lord of the Rings: Battle of the Mid-Earth II
Developed and distributed by the Electronic Arts, this strategy game was released in 2006. Just like its genre, the game functions around the players gathering more and more resources and upgrades in order to progress in the game. At the same time, you would also be required to defend your land from external influence.

4. World in Conflict
The game has been developed by a company based in Sweden. It was released worldwide in the year 2007 and afterwards an upgrade was also released due to the positive response the game received from the RTS lovers. The three factions which have been added into the game settings are the Soviets, NATO and US. Furthermore, you also direct access to the various squads. For those who want to judge their abilities and skills, the game is a must play.

3. Total War: Shogun 2
The game was published by Sega in the year 2011. The game settings have been based in the land of Japan after the Onin War in the times of the 16th century. The game also features nearly 8 factions and it depends on you that which faction you opt for carrying on in the game. In addition, you would also be required to look after the work and progress being carried out in your clan.

2. Civilization V
You might have heard of the super hit game series known by the name of civilization. The game play makes use of a number of strategy and techniques from the side of the players. Firstly, you are required to make a selection that which ethnic group you would want to lead. The game settings also make use of several artificial intelligence devices. Just buy this game and you will see for yourself what the game has to offer.

1. Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty
The game play of the movie deals with military and science fiction. It is yet another spectacular game that has been released by the company named Blizzard Entertainment. The gameplay has been set in times of the 26th century. There are three campaigns that you will be able to select in the movie. Surely, it is the best real time strategy game of the year 2012.