Youtube is surely one of the most successful and most used websites of all times. In fact, a large number of people considered it to be the biggest invention of the century. On a daily basis, Youtube and its channels are used for accessing millions of videos on regularly scheduled intervals. For getting the most out of your browsing experience on this website, there are a number of amazing channels you should subscribe to. So, for your facilitation I have compiled a list of the 10 most amazing youtube channels to subscribe. Here is the list

10. Annoying Orange

As the name of the channel suggests, there are a number of orange related videos that are going to annoy you at all times. Almost all of the videos on this one a kind channel have been made using a number of oranges with weird faces on them. In every video you are sure to find something annoying, so be ready in advance before getting a subscription for this channel.

9. Dave Days

This channel was made by the guy named Dave Days. Since the times of the channels launch, the guy has been adding 2 to 3 videos a month. All the videos feature his own music which has earned its fame in the past couple of months. So, if you plan to listen to some cool stuff then do make a subscription for this channel.

8. Kev Jumba

The channel was made by a guy named Kevin many years back. In fact, it is one of the oldest channels among all others I have added in this list. When he had started the channel, in the beginning he did not manage to receive some large number of views, but as soon as he brought some innovative discussion topics, the views started to double. In these times, his channel is in fact one of the most famous of them all.

7. Philip Defranco Show

Yes, the owner of this cocky channel is a guy named Philip who makes a number of video posts in a week. The numbers of views which this channel gets have increased now but not as much as Kev Jumba channel. What this channel features is some gossip and crude language and humor on the latest news updates from all around the world.

6. Mystery Guitar Man

The mystery guitar man has never disclosed his name on the channel but he has still managed to make some heavy fan following on the internet. This is because the kind and quality of music he has been making since the times he started the channel. In making the music and songs, he makes use of guitars, some pop cans and many other things. Now that is one hell of a way to make some appealing music.

5. The Smosh Channel

This channel is purely a comedy one. Although there are those who consider it be ineffective, still the 1 million subscribers cannot be wrong. The videos posted by them are indeed very unique and one of a kind, so do get a subscription for this one.

4. Ray William Johnson

This channel features some crazy viral videos which are posted once or twice per week. The guy behind this compilation is Ray. Seen from his looks, it becomes obvious that there is indeed something wrong with this guy, but still he has developed some huge fan following all over the internet.

3. Fred

A hate for all humanity is what you are going to find on this channel. The channel is controlled by a guy named Fred who has earned some great deal of fame since the times he started posting this wacky videos. His fame has grown beyond leaps and bounds and now even a TV series is being made featuring his posts and all other relavent content. It can be said now that very soon the whole world is going to know that who in fact is Fred and what he can do. With more than 1 million subscribers from all over the world, the fan following of this guy is even more than that of Kim Kardashian. Jokes apart, but it is a fact that Fred is more talented than a large number of people out there.

 2. Shane Dawson TV

A support for the pop cultures and music out there is what this channel features. It all began when the guy named Shane started posting some video tape clips and then acted upon them. He began first by adding the sex tape of Paris Hilton. The video posts are indeed very funny, so do take a look at them.

1.  Nigahiga

But the channel which is the most famous of them all these days is none other than the one named Nigahiga. Whatever you found in the other channels in this list, can be seen on this channel. Most of the videos posted here belong to one guy, buy you can be sure to have a lot of fun by being a part of this channel.