Violent crime in America has been declining for several decades. Incidences of armed robbery, homicide, rape and assault have fallen in nearly every major city, but some places seem just as dangerous as they ever were. No one cause can be blamed for the prevalence of violent crime in a lot of places. Some researchers cite poor economic conditions, while other studies show that the illegal drug trade incites violence and other types of property crime wherever it thrives. A yearly report by the FBI sheds some light on the statistics that make the top ten most violent cities in America.

10. Stockton, California
9. Baltimore, Maryland
8. Atlanta, Georgia
7. Birmingham, Alabama
6. Little Rock, Arkansas
5. Memphis, Tennessee
4. Oakland, California
3. St. Louis, Missouri
2. Detroit, Michigan
1. Flint, Michigan

Topping the list are two cities in Michigan, Flint and Detroit. Both have been ravaged by the exodus of car manufacturing and the industry that supported it. Flint has 2,337 violent crimes per 100,000 people, and Detroit has 2,137. The most startling fact about both cities is their incidences of forcible rapes and homicides. Flint has more than three times as many forcible rapes as the national average, and Detroit has ten times as many murders. The high rate of drug use in both cities may indicate a part of the problem. Baltimore, Maryland is another Rust Belt city that has a murder rate nearly seven times greater than the national average.

Violent cities are not limited to the northern part of the country. St. Louis, Memphis, Little Rock, Birmingham, and Atlanta all made it into the top ten. The statistics in these cities show that there are much higher incidences of forcible rapes and robberies than in other American cities. While much of the South is benefiting from robust economic growth, many of these cities are suffering from the influence of illegal drugs and poor economic conditions.

California has its share of violent crime as well. Like many other high crime areas, Oakland has been segregated along racial and socioeconomic lines from the rest of the Bay Area. It experiences much higher rates of murder than other cities like San Francisco and San Jose. Some experts cite Stockton has being a hub for drug cartel transportation between Mexico, California, Oregon and Washington. This is because it is strategically placed on Interstate 5 in a central location.

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